Science fiction museum opens in Kentucky

On Memorial Day, 2007, rational Christians once again took a back seat to literalists. The “every word in my Bible is absolutely factual” crowd delighted to the opening of the Creation Museum in Boone County, KY. The story is easily accessible on the internet, one version can be found here. This museum actually depicts dinosaurs on “Noah’s Ark”. That’s pretty progressive compared to a friend of mine who used visits to a Natural History Museum to show her home schooled kids how God planted fossils in order to test our faith in the Biblical story of creation.

Not every word of scripture is equal … but then one would need to use the brain God gives us to figure out what is going on in scripture. One quick consideration: Jesus told “parables”. A parable is a teaching story. It doesn’t have to have actually happened. So, there probably isn’t a “prodigal son”, just as there isn’t a woman who lost one of her 10 coins and searched until she found it … then spent it on a celebration.

Likewise, there are other teaching stories/parables throughout scripture. Maybe the story of Jonah was one of them! Maybe the two different accounts of creation were teaching stories too! I think so! After all, there is no firmament in which stars are placed and that keep the water of the heavens from pouring down on the earth (Genesis 1). It doesn’t take much imagination to envision a scene where these stories are told around a campfire as the kids are getting ready for bed. It doesn’t take away from the truth. God has created us and all that exists. God cares about you … even those who don’t get it and want to put dinosaurs on board Noah’s Ark.


One response to “Science fiction museum opens in Kentucky

  1. I often times think the literal approach puts God, as well as scripture in a box. I think that makes many a thing easy to understand on the surface, but perhaps more difficult underneath, and even more so to get what the big picture is. Yet, we are all at different places in our walk with Christ. For some, the surface is where they find comfort, and thats cool. For others, there is this unending quest to see and to understand God’s word, and how the Holy Spirit brings things to light. This certainly can happen on the surface, or it can happen underneath. I think the combination of literalists, as well as non-literalists adds great depth to the Kingdom. Only two issues enter in, first, each will call each other wrong for their approach, and thats not cool. Secondly, for some, they base much of the soteriological beliefs on a literal interpretation. And when anything other than parables are presented as metaphors, or symbols, their walk in their minds is under attack. Thus, care is needed in both cases. The Bible is huge, as a fellow I used to work with in camping ministry tried to get me to believe, back when I was a literalist. It took nearly 20 years, but by golly he was right!!!

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