We don’t live in an isolated secular world

From a news source in India …

The reality is that most of the conflicts around the world have a religious component to them. Without an understanding and engagement in that religious component, we are doomed to make many significant mistakes.

Podering Pastor

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US reluctant to address issue of religion in conflict areas: CSIS



Thursday July 26, 06:50 PM

Lahore, July 26 (ANI): US government officials are often reluctant to address the issue of religion in conflict areas, because the Bush Administration’s institutional capacity to understand and approach religion is limited, according to a Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) report.

The report titled ‘Mixed Blessings: US Government Engagement with Religion in Conflict-Prone Settings’ identifies various strategic and operational obstacles to effective US engagement with religion in areas of conflict.

The report was compiled based on an examination of policies and programming across the US foreign policy bureaucracy, focusing on the Executive Branch agencies, in Washington and abroad, the Daily Times reported.

“US Government officials are often reluctant to address the issue of religion, whether in response to a secular American legal and political tradition, in the context of country’s Judeo-Christian image overseas, or simply because religion is perceived as too complicated or sensitive,” the report says.

“Current US Government frameworks for approaching religion are narrow, often because they approach religions as problematic or monolithic forces, overemphasise a terrorism-focused analysis of Islam, or marginalise religion as a peripheral humanitarian or cultural issue,” it adds. (ANI)


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