Bishop Hanson’s Press Conference Call

On July 26th, Presiding Bishop Hanson held a Conference Call Press Conference in advance of the Churchwide Assembly. That Press Conference is online here.

In his opening remarks, Bishop Hanson lifts up the “Reading The Bible” initiative, the reality that we are a global church, that the Assembly will take action on a proposed Social Statement on Education, will engage in discussion around Human Sexuality, and elect a Presiding Bishop and Secretary of the church.

I was reminded of Bishop Hanson’s manner of careful answers and his clear recognition and expectation that his job at the Chuchwide Assembly is to preside over the process. It is my experience that he is fair and balanced in that process, almost too fair. He will sometimes allow debate to stray in an attempt to be fair, and is generally patient with those new to a higher level of parlimentary procedure.

Bishop Hanson did indicate that he suspects, as I do, that there will be an attempt to pull from en bloc status, or as he said, provide a substitute amendment in the matter of the questions about the rostering of persons who are homosexual and are in committed same-gender relationships. Bishop Hanson did state that he is in favor of the process of referring these matters to the Task Force on ELCA Human Sexuality Studies, because the policy needs to be grounded in what the church teaches.

Pondering Pastor


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