ELCA Churchwide Assembly – Day 2 (Morning)

Highlights of Plenary Session 2:

  • Offering at the Opening Worship yesterday was designated for the Campus Ministry Foundation. The amount was $12,386.81.
  • Vote on the Reception of Evangelical Lutheran Worship – There was no debate, and the reception of this resource was approved 965 to 71. I was a bit surprised that there were no spoken objections. Maybe it is a bit early for that, or maybe it is too late for objecting to a resource already in its 5th printing.
  • Report of the first ballot for Presiding Bishop There were 767 votes needed to elect on the first ballot. 101 persons received votes. 5 persons received more than 10 votes. Mark Hanson (current Presiding Bishop) 765 (2 votes short of election), Carl Danfried (spelling?) 42, Donald McCoid 17, April Larson 12, Rick Foss 10.
  • Book of Faith Initiative – As the “Book of Faith” Initiative was introduced, a new website was revealed (www.elca.org/bookoffaith) . There were two recommendations to be voted on. The first was a general recommendation and appreciation about the initiative (passed 1000 – 19). The second, offering more specifics and details was amended once to include the following paragraph (735-282):

2. To call members, congregations, synods, churchwide ministries, and institutions and agencies of the Evangelical Lutheran church in America to explore ways to reform culture and customs in this church that will open it to a new level of valuing and being shaped by the power of the Word.

Other, amendment attempts failed to garner enough support. Debate was light. Overall, the initiative passed 956-68.

  • First presentation of 2008-2009 Budget

Pondering Pastor


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