Blogging the Churchwide Assembly

I’m not the only one blogging the ELCA Churchwide Assembly. I took a look around to what others are saying so far.

Richard Johnson is an ELCA pastor serving in California and is editor of American Lutheran Publicity Bureau’s Forum Letter. He is blogging extensively from the the Assembly at ALPB Forum Online. Richard is acutely aware of the strategies and agenda/desires of CORE, a Lutheran group engaged in efforts to encourage foundational, confessional, traditional Lutheran perspectives (my description, not theirs). He describes disappointment that language in the Book of Faith Initiative was not adopted that would have tied the initiative more closely with traditional Lutheran understanding of scripture. Richard’s is a blog I read to have a perspective on what this part of the church is thinking and experiencing at the Assembly.

Eric Shafer is blogging also from the Assembly. Eric is a pastor who served for quite some time in the ELCA Churchwide Offices and worked for the Communications arm of the ELCA.

Not a blog, but The Chicago Sun Times has run an article today about the gay and lesbian presence and actions at the Churchwide Assembly. From what I can piece together from the Sun-Times article and others (including Richard Johnson mentioned above, and The Atlanta Journal Constitution) is that this morning, a devotional booklet titled “A Place Within My Walls: Devotions and Stories for the ELCA Churchwide Assembly” was distributed to Voting Members and those participating in the Assembly. The devotions are written by gay and lesbian persons who have either been excluded from ordained ministry, or removed from the roster. It includes a list of “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pastors, associates in minstry, seminarians, and candidates approved for ordination who have agreed to be introduced to the ELCA at its 2007 churchwide assembly.”

Related to this, Goodsoil has a pretty active site, describing their strategy and planned events, as well as a summary of Churchwide actions.

Lutheran Churches of the Common Confession site hasn’t posted any reflections, but this link is a good description from them about the focus of their preparations for the Churchwide Assembly.

The Delaware-Maryland Synod (as well as many other Synods) have their own blogs and or news updates. Of course, the ELCA Website has the official press releases.

Other blogs I find are just giving quick snippets of the news, especially the Bishop’s re-election and the news about the “outing” of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered workers in the church with the devotional distributed this morning.

Pondering Pastor


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