Nominations for Secretary of ELCA

The results of the first ballot for Secretary were posted in the hotels last night.
Michael Cooper-White, 162 (President of Gettysburg Seminary)
Andrea DeGroot-Nesdahl, 110 (Bishop of South Dakota Synod – term ends 8/31/07)
Kenneth Ruppar, 95 (Clergy member of the ELCA Church Council)
David Swartling, 88 (An attorney and the parliamentarian of CWA)
Paul Schreck, 69 (Assistant to the Secretary of the ELCA)
Glenndy Ose, 42 (Former assistant to the Bishop in a Synod)
Chris Boeger, 39 (Bishop in Washington state)
Mark Grorud, 36 (Director for Relationships with Large Membership Congregations, ELCA)
George Watson, 25 (I don’t know of him)
Ruth Hamilton, 17 (Pastoral Assistant, Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Luke, Chicago)
April Larson, 13 (Bishop of the LaCrosse Area Synod)
Wyvette Bullock, 12 (executive for leadership development, ELCA Office of the Presiding Bishop)
Mark Werner, 11 (Pastor, St. John Lutheran Church, Abbottstown, PA)

There were 158 other persons who received votes.

First general vote takes place this morning.

Pondering Pastor


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