ELCA Churchwide Assembly – Day 5 (Morning)

After Morning Prayer, the Assembly began to discuss the Social Statement on Education. An Ad Hoc Committee considered the proposed amendments and recommended amended wording to both the Social Statement and the implementation resolution. Considerable debate occurred, mostly “cleaning up” language or including groups which were overlooked. Action was suspended for orders of the day.

Third Ballot for Secretary (electronic vote) 1043 votes cast 2/3 required for election.

  • Michael Cooper-White (267)
  • Andrea DeGroot Nesdahl (124)
  • David Swartling (241)
  • Ken Ruppar (77)
  • Paul Schreck (157)
  • Glenndy Ose (49)
  • Chris Boerger (50)
  • Mark Grorud (78)

Michael Cooper-White, David Swartling, and Paul Schreck will be on the next ballot, scheduled for this afternoon.

Greetings from Lutheran Men in Mission.

Voting for the common ballot on those tickets where there was no election.

Memorials Committee Recommendations on Sexuality began again.  I’ll use a separate note for that.


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