ELCA Churchwide Assembly – Day 6 (Afternoon)

Bible Study on Galatians by Dr. Marit Trelstad.

Memorials – B3: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The debate picks up with an amendment (to call upon the ELCA to underscore the call for economic initiatives by this church and its members in the peace not walls campaign.
Such initiatives, in consultation with the Evangelical Lutheran church in Jordan and the Holy Land could include purchasing of products if Palestinian providers and exploration of the feasibility of refusing to buy products produced in Israeli settlements. Also to be explored is the entire investment activity activity by this church.). Amendment passed 385-368.

Bishop G. Knoche moved an amendment “Examination of investment would exclude the
option of divestiture.” Amendment is ruled consistent with fiduciary responsibility and ELCA policy. Question called for all matters before the house. Voted to end debate on B3 695-35. Amendment passed 472-261. B3 (twice amended) passed 637-105.

Report from Lutheran Disaster Response


Final work on this posting is delayed. I’ll also post a summary note.


2 responses to “ELCA Churchwide Assembly – Day 6 (Afternoon)

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  2. Homosexuality and pornography are sins………..
    I believe the Christian Fellowship cannot give permission to practice homosexuality to those who feel unable to change their orientation or to embrace celibacy.. But if such a tragic moral choice is made, the most moral context possible should be maintained.

    An analogy may be helpful. If a war is entered into when it should have been avoided, there are still moral constraints upon the combatants. Just because the ideal has been violated does not mean that anything goes. A person continues to have moral responsibilities even when driven to engage in an activity that is less than the best .. If we cannot condone the choice of homosexual practice, neither can we cut off the person who has made the choice. No, we stand with the person always ready to help, always ready to pick up the pieces if things fall apart, always ready to bring Gods acceptance and forgiveness. quoted from Treasury of Christian Discipline written by Richard Foster

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