ELCA Churchwide Assembly – Day 6 (Afternoon Pt 2)

Blue Ribbon Committee on Mission Funding

An amendment was proposed encouraging congregations to provide 10% of income to Mission Support.  Amendment failed.  Vote on original motion plus one previous amendment passed 623-52.

Lutheran Services in America

Presentation by Bishop Gregory Pile and Mr. Ted Goins, Jr.

Consideration of Memorials

All matters in D4:  Requests of Churchwide Units

There was a request that Lutheran Disaster Relief Funds might be used to repair churches … centers of community recovery efforts.  After an exchange of information, and a report that a consultation is taking place in late September/early October, the concern and an amendment was withdrawn.  D4 was passed unchanged 627-12.

En Bloc Memorials passed 595-12.

Motion from the floor to ask that the Conference of Bishops enter into discussion about the accountability of Bishops to the adopted policies, practices, and procedures of the ELCA and report to the 2009 Assembly. Ruled germane. Passed 318-309.

Report of the Reference and Counsel Committee [I do not have the wording on these motions]

  • HIV/AIDS Funding passed 586-13
  • Budget Surplus for Campus Ministry passed 558-23
  • Green Assemblies, refer to Office of the Secretary for electronic distribution of Assembly materials passed 555-40
  • En Bloc approved Motion D: Appreciation for Presiding Bishop Hanson; Motion E: Appreciation for Vice President Pena; Motion F: Appreciation for Secretary Almen; Motion G: Appreciation for Treasurer Jackson-Skelton; Motion H: Resolution of Appreciation and Thanksgiving

2009 Churchwide Assembly begins August 17, 2009 in Minneapolis.


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