Final ELCA Churchwide Assembly Post

First, thank you to all who read and commented on the efforts to record for you some of the significant elements of the 2007 Churchwide Assembly. This was a huge undertaking, and one that was facilitated by the ELCA Communications people, especially Mim Woolbert and Paul Edison-Swift. This would not have been possible in this detail had the ELCA not decided to publish a caption feed of the Assembly, which I could capture (most of the time). Please note that I did not blog the entire Assembly. I was able to watch the webcasts and comment on those actions, but the Assembly is so much more than the actual time doing the official business of the church. In another forum, these kinds of comments were made …

  • The first gift I received at the Assembly was affirmation by God’s Spirit that the congregation I serve is truly being guided by the Holy Spirit.
  • The second gift I received was that my Synod is truly blest.
  • The third gift I received was experiencing a wonderful connection to the members of the ELCA. What a wonderful church we have! THANKS BE TO GOD!
  • The CWA, all in all, was more like a “spiritual retreat” for me than a “business meeting.”
  • I was involved in MANY informal conversations about a number of issues, including the sexuality issue. I got separated quite a few times from people in my group, and wound up being at worship and having meals with people from all over the country with many different views. I am fully confident that the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding the ELCA.

And it is precisely that which I cannot write about this time around, doing this from a distance.I love this church. I care that we are so divided in matters related to human sexuality. I’d like to see the “sides” get together and find ways to agree, to find common ground. I’ll be doing what I can to make that happen.

We are not as divided as we think.  Pastor Zip served as a “page” at the Assembly.  Note this post on his blog.

Pondering Pastor


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