Saving Grace: Episode 3

Last evening, the 3rd episode of “Saving Grace” aired, and it couldn’t have been more full of shallow stereotypes of Christians.  The two clear Christians in this episode were naive (many other adjectives I can think of really fall back to naive) and so focused on “faith” that they couldn’t see beyond quoting scripture.  These caricatures were father and son, with son having witnessed a murder.  This son needed protection from those who were out to kill him before he could testify against them (and some nonsense about not being safe until the son turned 18).  Father had heard God say that his son would not live to see his 18th birthday, and so in a scene reminiscent of Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of Isaac to God, Father has a knife to son’s neck ready to kill him until he is “Saved by Grace” (the character).  Ah, a double entendre on the show’s title … how clever (stated cynically)!   Oh well, this is TNT’s hit for the summer.  Is it about faith?  Not really.  Want to watch an edgy crime drama about a strong woman with some odd attacks at faith?  Then this might be for you … but not if you are faint of heart or easily offended.

Pondering Pastor


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