Judge Roy Pearson “Wins” One

Judge Roy Pearson, AKA “Fancy Pants”, has succeeded in closing Custom Cleaners.  The story from Marc Fisher at the Washington Post can be found here.  What an awful waste of time, resources, and the courts!

“The Chungs, bewildered that one vindictive customer could cause a small business so much grief, found it hard to go back to the shop in Fort Lincoln each day. And the lawsuit proved to be a big drag on revenue at Custom Cleaners.  When Pearson started gathering material in his quest to squeeze a struggling Korean immigrant family for megamillions in 2005, he posted fliers on light poles in the neighborhood, asking residents to feed him horror stories about the company. Business, which had been strong, declined significantly and never rebounded, said Choi and the Chungs’ attorney, Christopher Manning.”

Roy Pearson used the court system (designed to protect the public) for his own agenda and as his own “enforcer”.  I’d love to see what this lawsuit has cost the public … and while you are at it … include the taxes and costs of a failed business.  All for a pair of temporarily misplaced pair of pants.

I’ll bet no apology is forthcoming.

Shame on you Roy Pearson!

Pondering Pastor


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