This is so wrong!

The envelope practically shouts at me. On the front of the envelope:

It’s going to start tonight as you’re sleeping. Tonight is your night.

On the back of the envelope, most in Gothic font.

God Is Speaking To You

Now I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it is come pass, ye might believe.” St. John 14:29

Saint Matthew’s Churches P.O. Box 21210 Tulsa, OK 74121

(What’s the deal with the font, the color, and especially making initial caps red?)

I open the envelope after the jump …

I find a 4 page letter (with scattered bold text and blue underlines). I think the blue is supposed to look something like blue handwritten ink … as if someone personally reviewed this letter and highlighted what they really want you to read. I find a 4 page color insert. I find a pink sealed envelope. I find a piece of paper referred to as a Blessed Cloth. I find a Business Reply Mail envelope.

The Letter

The letter begins with,


(Yes, it is all caps), and it is personal,

“Dear Someone Connected with This Address Who Has A Problem and Needs God’s Help,”

(Why, that might be me!)

Evidently, the pastor was having a late lunch with his wife and an associate minister and “God’s Holy Spirit quickened” his heart to get up and write me a note. So he writes a prayer (3 paragraphs long) and then describes to me what happened to Sister Emma. Sister Emma was poor, had worn out shoes, on welfare, and had only one dime to her name. This pastor prayed for her and she started to get a government pension check, healed her of cancer, was given a 7-room house, two cars and almost $10,000. She writes, “Now, if that isn’t God, I don’t what is.” There are a few vague references to seed donations. The instructions begin. I’m to write my “name on this blessed, symbolic cloth and keep it on you until tonight.” I’m assured then that the Holy Spirit begins to work “between us” to “release five anointed, powerful prophetic revelations into your life … possibly within five days to seven weeks time frame.”

  1. … an unusual miracle-blessing of provision
  2. … an extraordinary money blessing
  3. … removal of something causing you anxiety or fear
  4. … instilling of renewed inner strength
  5. … a divine, spiritual healing

As if it were not strange enough, then there are other things I need to do.

Place a cup of water beside your bet tonight, in Bible faith, just before you go to sleep. Fill out this St. Mark 9:23 Prophetic Covenant (below) and place it next to you tonight. Be faithful to the direction of the Holy Spirit, and you will draw God’s favor to you. Raise your right hand to heaven while you hold this covenant and say, “Heavenly Father, I claim this prophetic covenant into my life, in New Testament faith.” Then, drink five sips of water, from the cup. When you wake tomorrow morning, repeat this Bible act of faith again. Then, return this St. Mark 9:23 Covenant Page (below) for us to pray over and agree in faith for this to come to pass.

I also need to try to enclose a scriptural seed offering as I am led by God to provide.

The Full Color Insert

The insert has a whole lot about touching. There are graphics of praying hands, “the five fold ministry”, St. Veronica with her veil (although she is not identified in the text … it just says, “Jesus’ face appearing on a piece of holy cloth”) and Jesus praying in the garden. There are 3 testimonials about people being blessed with money because of following these directions. On the back is a photocopy of the palm of “one of Saint Matthew’s 74-year-old preacher’s right hand”. (Does he have more than one right hand?) I’m supposed to do something with it, but that won’t be revealed until I read the contents of the pink sealed envelope.

Pink Sealed Envelope

Sealed inside this pink envelope is a prophecy concerning you and your future. If for any reason you are not going to answer this Holy Ghost letter, then destroy this prophecy, unopened and unread. This is of a spiritual nature. Is this you and your family in this prophecy? Sealed with prayer over this house and family

I open it

It contains a graphic of Jesus at prayer on the front. On the back … not quite what I expected. I’ll just have to show you.


This is more “New Age” or “Gnostic” thinking than I would expect.

This whole mailing preys on people’s insecurity and the mistaken belief that one must earn God’s favor by doing certain things.  Paul writes in Romans that while we were sinners, Christ died for us.  Pastors hold no special favors with God.  Jesus instructs us to pray directly to God.  Mediators are unnecessary.  Unfortunately, in the name of religion, people are being scammed.  More about that scam in another post.

Pondering Pastor


5 responses to “This is so wrong!

  1. Jesus, told us about the den of iniquities and drove the money changers out of the synogogue.

    I too was deceived by the den of iniquities and thank Jesus Christ my LORD for the revelation of truth.

  2. Thank you for this site… I have been receiving letters from St Matthew’s for the 18 months since I bought my new home… I figured it was a scam. The Lord never asked me for anything except that I believe in Him… Now how do I get off their mailing list??

  3. You can’t really get off dat list. Yea…i’ve tried! And, WOW, they r a huge scam!!! I thought dis thing wuz real 2! I’m 15 and i’am sooooo glad dat there’s websites like dis. All of their letters….r in da trash. I won’t try 2 fight all dis, i’ll just put it behind me. No biggie! I’m 15…and i’ve got a life 2 live. They should really b ashamed, using the Lord’s name in vain 2 decieve the most kindest, and gentle soul out there. And of course…who else would they go for? I knew i couldn’t trust dis thing….its pretty lame anywyz!!

  4. Suicidal Tendencies

    I received these letters while I was being driven insane by “Satan.” I sent these people a great deal of my monies in hopes that it would be returned to me. Instead I went even more crazy, lost my jobs, moved back home and am still suicidal and crazy and will not open up to anyone, much less accept Jesus as my personal savior. Instead of saving a soul, they helped make a good man bad. Now I am just about completely faithless. Thank you St. Matthew’s Ministries, may my death be on your concience. What’s it matter anyway, this world is burning in my eyes…

  5. Thank you for this information. I also couldn’t understand why I kept getting these mailings and at a point of my life where I could use a financial blessing. I always had faith in Jesus and knowing he would show me the truth about this organization. People that go to church already give to their church why would they need to give to a church they don’t even know or know where the money really is going. Don’t ever loose hope of Jesus he will Judge them, and they will loose in the end, while the rest of us are rejoicing in Heaven. The Bible clearly states at the end of time things like this would happen.

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