rVibe:A social networking – music site

I haven’t seen much in the internet about rVibe yet, but expect to soon! rVibe is a new social networking music sharing site, that is all perfectly legal! From their FAQs:

In a nutshell, rVibe is free software that you use to organize the music on your computer, discover and download new music and share music with your friends. And by the way, when you make recommendations for music to a friend and they download it — you get rewards.

Is it like iTunes, Napster or Yahoo Music?
Some things are similar, but there is a lot different (and we think better). With iTunes, you install it, browse to the iTunes store, and buy music. With Napster and Yahoo, you install it, pay a monthly fee and rent music (you can also pay more to buy). With rVibe, you install it, find music with your friends (or get recommendations), buy music and get rewards.

Check it out!


Pondering Pastor


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