Westboro Baptist Church Lawsuit

Westboro Baptist Church, the Kansas church known for protesting at the funerals of soldiers killed in action, will face a lawsuit on Tuesday in Baltimore. An AP article can be found here.

I’ll certainly be watching this one!

Pondering Pastor



3 responses to “Westboro Baptist Church Lawsuit

  1. The only problem I see is defamation is difficult to prove. Phelps is certainly a whackjob and deserves whatever he gets in the legal arena.

    While I initially hoped that when the old man kicked the bucket, the problem would go away, it is evident that the movement will continue even after his body is cold. I’d certainly like to see him restrained legally.

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  3. I took notice of this situation with the courts and Westboro Church and, frankly, I don’t understand why; or perhaps better asked, what is that Westboro Church is trying to do or convey. I mean… acts of hate are punishable crimes and as agents of this angry God the actions must be interpreted as acts of hate. Confirmed by the signs and banners they carry. I would like to believe and understand we can’t always choose our response to life; as our jobs or any other destiny at hand. I have had to carry many things that weren’t mine to carry, in the first place. I felt the pains of bitterness and injustices and frankly, I now blame it all on forgeting i am only human; capable of human error and/or mistakes; to be so overwhelmed that i broke. Accepting being mortal and human has allowed me to enter that variable into the equation of me and of others. If i am sorry, I am sorry I couldn’t remember that part; for myself as well as in others sooner. It could have saved me alot of pain.

    Maybe someone should remind/remember, “God”, that he is human too. Or so he was at one time.

    Carlos Huffman Columbia, MD.

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