Small changes noticed

I’m intrigued with how parts of my life are in constant change, and it is celebrated.  I see myself as an agent of change.  I enjoy the novel.  I revel in the sheer unpredictability of much of my life.

So why is it that particular little changes command my attention and consume precious time resisting that change?

My coffee supplier is no longer distributing the coffee I like in whole bean.

That’s it!  They’ve not discontinued the coffee, it’s source, or the way it gets to me.  I just can’t get whole bean anymore.  Drip grind is available.

As a result, I’ve horded bags of whole bean coffee.  I’ve searched the internet for remaining stocks.  I’ve considered switching regions or coffees.  What makes this small change so significant?  It really is pretty silly.

equalexchange_1972_805831.gifI buy fair trade coffee.  It is one of the things I do to support (indirectly) people in Tanzania.  Fair trade coffee pays a living wage to the farmers who grow the coffee.  Farmer’s cooperatives are formed.  Shade coffee growing practices are kept.  There are fewer stops between the coffee grower and my lips.  It costs a little more than the coffee I find in the grocery store, but I think it is worth it.  I’ll pay a little more for quality, social responsibility, and ecologically friendly production.  I think of it as buying my coffee from a “farmer’s market”.

My preoccupation with this loss of Tanzanian Jubilee Whole Bean Coffee is tied to all the reasons I purchase it in the first place.  While I groan every time I grind the beans, I can taste the difference between fresh ground and drip grind.  But grumble about it I must.

Then, knowing the reality of what has come, I’ll make the change (probably into a product I like better).  I’m considering Ethiopian.  I know people in Ethiopia too.

Pondering Pastor


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