A lens through which we experience scripture

During our Adult Forum in church today, an observation was made about how societal and cultural perspectives influence our experience of scripture.  When the world is viewed as a chaotic, dangerous, and evil place, it seems natural for fundamentalism to take root.  When the world is viewed as oppressive to particular groups, it seems natural for a more liberal approach to scripture to thrive.  I know this is a highly simplistic approach, but it is at least intriguing.  The important question for us is whether or not God has revealed the Word in such a way as to empower these perspectives as well as others?  Maybe it is not a matter of right or wrong as much as it is that the Word gives us what we need.  If that is true, might we find room for one another’s perspective as being right for the circumstance one is in?  (I know, my more fundamentalist readers will “have a cow” over that one!)

Pondering Pastor


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