Westboro Baptist Church to picket at the Olympics

For not having the assets to pay judgments against them, Westboro Baptist Church has the money to travel to China for the Olympics.

Just when you think this can’t get more bizarre, we learn that the winter storms hitting China are God’s punishment.  The text of a recent Westboro Baptist Church press release:

God hates China and is punishing her with a deadly winter storm.  With 63 people dead, and an early damage estimate of 4.5 billion, China is reeling under the worst winter storm in 50 years.  Praise the Lord.  That evil nation, awash with the sins of Sodom, needs Gospel preaching.  God is warning China: Repent or perish.

So, is it the Chinese people or the Chinese leadership that is being punished?

How does one display a slow, sad head shake?

Pondering Pastor


2 responses to “Westboro Baptist Church to picket at the Olympics

  1. Westboro baptist? This is that “God Hates Fags” group, isn’t it (I refuse to call them a church)? Has the baptist church spoken out against these people? I have been readingseveral blogs from atheists since starting my own, and I have run across several references from people sighting them as reasons to avoid Christianity. It makes me sad to see how such a small group can give us all a bad name. I really struggle with the “love your enemy” teaching regarding those who use the name of Christ in this fashion. Not that I am lilywhite, but I am not a practicing hate-monger either.

  2. I too cannot call them the church. They are nothing more than a gathering of misguided people trapped in their ignorance. It pains me whenever we see Christians acting / speaking out against others. Why can’t they be be for people, regardless of their beliefs? It’s because of groups like this that I don’t ever call myself a Christian…I don’t use it in my conversations and never in my teachings. I am a Christ-follower…or at least that’s what I’m striving for.

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