Evolution & Religion: An important consideration

In the Evolution vs. Religion debates, it is rare when one “side” is able to recognize the value that the other brings to the table.  Today, I provide for your consideration one such value that evolution has brought that is particularly lacking in many religious circles.  I’m quoting from “Evolution: A Very Short Introduction”, by Brian and Deborah Charlesworth.

The study of evolution has revealed our intimate connections with the other species that inhabit the Earth; if global catastrophe is to be avoided, these connections must be respected…. Evolution provides a set of unifying principles for the whole of biology; it also illuminates the relations of human beings to the universe and to each other. (pg. 3)

In the stories of creation from the Bible (especially Genesis 2), creatures are brought before the human as potential “helpers”.  All are determined to be different enough from the human that they are not “suitable”.  Eve is then created from Adam and deemed to be a “suitable partner”.  This Genesis account makes sure we understand that the other creatures are not like us, despite what we might observe.  Our role is to care for all of creation, including these creatures.  That is not to say that one perspective is right, and the other wrong, but it is to say that the study of evolution has advanced a perspective that is not obvious in scripture.

I find this very helpful.

Pondering Pastor


2 responses to “Evolution & Religion: An important consideration

  1. Why must all scientific observations be fitted into the mythological stories of the Bible? The scentific observations stand on their own. I applaud the Pondering Pastor for trying to keep an open mind. But he misses the main point. That point is that the Bible and the stories of Genesis were concocted by man to explain the unexplained before there was enough science to lead the way. Those stories were accepted during the time of widespread ignorance, simply because there was nothing else. Now we have the benefit of scientific methods and critical thinking. The old myths served us well when there was nothing else. Now, they should be put to rest. Store them away for curious scholars of the future to investigate and chuckle over their simplicity. Let’s not let them get in the way of what evidence and science now tell is is the most plausible, and only answwer.

  2. ponderingpastor

    I think that if you read my previous posts, and the ones I have upcoming, you will find that I don’t seek to fit scientific observations into mythological stories, but have them both stand on their own and say things that they were designed to say. The reality is that many today believe that it has to be one or the other … in fact, your post is evidence of that. You join the “creation scientists” when you choose one over the other … you just choose a different one than they do.

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