Modern Tribalism

The news about tribal conflicts in Kenya since the disputed elections in December 2007 often have people I know shaking their heads and commenting about how glad they are to live in a cultured society.  It is as if tribalism is confined to the “third world”.  Not so!

While we may not like the term “tribalism”, it really does apply to us in our culture.

Our racism is a form of tribalism.  Yes, racism is alive and well.

Our identification with “communities” and neighborhoods often is a form of tribalism.

Our identification with our various social groups very well might be a form of tribalism.

We use tribalism to judge, evaluate, and restrict those who do not belong.

Unfortunately, the church often is the source of tribalism.

Just pondering …

Pondering Pastor


One response to “Modern Tribalism

  1. Yes, you are right. I hadn’t thought of it in those words before. Whenever we name another group, it becomes “they” and “they” is almost always lower than “us.” Apparently the tribal divisions were simmering under the surface for years in Kenya due to a we/they division of wealth, etc. There are fears that this will spill over to neighboring countries.

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