Westboro and the Pope

Prior to Pope Benedict’s visit to the United States last week, I jumped over to the Westboro Baptist Church web site to look at their plans for his visit.  Sure enough, they planned to picket at every stop along his route, and then some.

Pope Benedict’s U.S. visit is over, and Westboro Baptist Church is gloating.

“Here’s the picture: The CEO of the largest pedophile machine in the history of the world came to this country – a man who bears the responsibility for literally hundreds of thousands of child molestations on his watch – at the hands of people who are looked upon as moral and spiritual leaders. They are set up in such a way that, not only do they get PAID to do unspeakable things to children, but their organization is set up to produce a new, fertile crop of rapees every year – having schools and daycares attached to every major parish the world over. So, when he gets to this country and walks off the plane IN A DRESS (Ugh!), does the law enforcement of this evil nation drop him like a Chris Hanson interviewee on the front lawn of a bait house? Do they throw him, and all of his leadership, in the penitentiary for the remainder of their natural lives? NO!”

I especially noticed the “dress” part.  In another post, they also comment on his red shoes!  Silly!

All this came after a long rant quoting scripture and identifying the Pope with the antichrist in The Revelation of John.

They claim then that despite police (they refer to the police as “thousands of Officer Johnny Donuts”) attempts to keep them away from the Pope’s motorcade, God arranged it so that the Pope saw their signs.

“In a stroke of divine power, He confused the counsel of the thousands of Officer Johnny Donuts that thought to hide off His servants blocks away from any of the putrid Pope’s procession route to the hellish St. Joseph’s seminary in Yonkers, NY, where he was scheduled to back-slap and glad-hand hundreds of pedophiles and belch forth lies to deluded masses of idolatrous freaks (all in a day’s work). While the power of the dog (Psa. 22:20) conspired to tuck God’s servants in between a ‘Dodge dealah’ and the back of a mom-and-pop restaurant, well off the pedophile parade route, the Lord had arranged things perfectly, so that the hundred or so feet between those two buildings looked straight down a hill toward the off-ramp of the highway exit that the molester mob boss’ entourage took to come into town. Before the law enforcement could realize their blunder, the pope’s peepers got a ‘full eye of loveliness’ (one servant reported) of all of our signs BEFORE he even made it off the highway, and here’s what he saw:   PRIESTS RAPE BOYS, PERVERT POPE, FAGS DOMINATE THE CLERGY, PEDOPHILE RAPE PIMP, FAG PRIEST, FAG PIMP POPE, POPE IN HELL, MOLESTER MAFIA BOSS,  THE GODFATHER OF PEDOPHILES, CATHOLIC PRIESTS ARE LIARS, And… GODS HATES THE POPE”

Apparently, confession & repentance mean nothing to the folks of Westboro Baptist Church, even though they call for confession and repentance all the time.  They wouldn’t know it if they saw it.

Actually, I’m disappointed that they didn’t mention the earthquakes in the Midwest!

Pondering Pastor


One response to “Westboro and the Pope

  1. I felt the earthquake in the Midwest.

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