Caution in the LDS – Lutheran Posts

Just some quick notes of caution and clarification about the posts I’m making here about the Mormon Articles of Faith compared to the Lutheran Augsburg Confession Articles of Faith.

  • All comments are moderated.  That means that not all comments will be allowed through.  If you don’t like that, you don’t have to be reading here.  I will try to be fair in what I allow through.  I’ll be attempting to keep this civil, but honest from my perspective.  I make no apologies about that.
  • I fully expect to be challenged, and challenged hard.  Mormons are used to defending their faith in a way that is quite like no other religious group.  They have endured tremendous persecution on account of their beliefs, and much of it at the hands of Christians.  They have learned to defend the faith, and do it pretty effectively.
  • To that end, there have also been divisions erected by some Mormons.  Already I’ve noticed language like “creedal Christians vs. biblical Christians” and apostate Christians directed my way.
  • I am a Lutheran, and I would call myself an orthodox Lutheran of the ELCA persuasion.  I am not a Mormon scholar.  I’m looking at the Mormon Articles of Faith.  I’m not looking beyond this.

Pondering Pastor


One response to “Caution in the LDS – Lutheran Posts

  1. You seem to be an honest man from what i have read so far. Certainly you have been fair in publishing my responses. I respect that about you. We quite often don’t get that from others.

    When we Mormons discuss doctrine we expect that others believe they are just as correct as we believe we are. I can’t say I have ever talked with someone who believed he was a member of an errouneous church. I engage in these discussions because there is so much misinformation and deliberate misrepresentation commonly beleived about us. Because I am a loyal Mormon and feel strongly that I am defending my God and his church I just can’t let some of these misstatements and, in some cases unwarranted attacks, go without responding to them. I have not found violations of civilty or decorum here. I forget where I heard it but in one OT dictionary, abomination is described as anything that divides God’s people. I find no abmoination here.

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