Snippits of Conversation

You never know what snippits of conversation you might overhear while walking near people engaged in conversation (face to face or on a cell phone).

“… then, after my parents broke up …”

“… That’s apples and oranges.  That was from the business, the loan was from family money …”

“… we are on a break now and I thought I’d just check in …”

“… then she said …”

“… you gotta be kidding! No way! …”

“… when my husband found out …”

A story in every one …

Pondering Pastor


One response to “Snippits of Conversation

  1. Haha here’s some more…

    “..And that was the first time I got…”

    “…scariest thing i’d ever seen…”

    “…Did you smell that?”


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