Radio Shows I like

I’ve had a long fascination with the radio.  Although I grew up in the 60’s and our family owned a television, radio gave me the most freedom.  I recall carefully tuning a large 1930’s vintage radio that had been handed down to me.  I kept it in my room.  (Those were the days before children had televisions in their rooms.)  Portable radios were the best, for the could be placed under a pillow at night to listen to the “oldies”.  The Shadow, Mystery Theatre, and others engaged my mind much the way reading did.  You see, music wasn’t why I listened to the radio.  It was the stories, the ideas, the news from around the world that captivated my attention.

Now my life seems too busy for radio.  I catch snippets of conversation on my short commute to work.  I don’t have the luxury of long engagement with the stories on the radio … except on weekends.  (Even then, I confess, it is easier to do many other things than to listen to the radio.) And, as you might already guess, the station that provides me the most entertainment and engagement is National Public Radio.

Car Talk is a cultural icon.  If you don’t know and enjoy it, you are taking yourself too seriously!

Whad’ya Know? A quiz show gets squeezed into a rambling show of talk and jazz.

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! An entertaining quiz show based on odd news for the week.  And if you are a winner, Carl Castle’s voice on your home answering machine is the grand prize!

This American Life Well-told, engaging stories, several per episode, all around a theme.

Speaking of Faith Krista Tippet interviews a broad range of people talking about all matters of faith.

If you see me in the car over the weekend, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be listening.

Pondering Pastor


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