Codex Sinaiticus

On Thursday, July 24, 2008 this website goes “live” with the first installment of the Codex Sinaiticus.  That’s a pretty big deal.

164 years ago, German Bible Scholar Constantine Tischendorf was traveling through the desert looking for old manuscripts of the Bible.  While at the Monastery of St. Catherine at Mount Sinai, he discovered that the monks were literally using old manuscripts for kindling.  Out of the kindling pile, Tischendorf “rescued” the bulk of what was later named Codex Sinaiticus, the most ancient “complete” manuscript we have of the New Testament.  (In 1975, more of the pages were found.)  This manuscript is divided.  Parts of it exists in Germany, England, Russia and, I believe, at the Monastery of St. Catherine.  Written 1600 years ago in Greek, it is a very important part of Biblical scholarship.

Being able to browse, at one’s leisure, this ancient manuscript is certainly a treat!

Pondering Pastor


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