Life in the slow lane

It is a steamy morning, the air heavy with the aftermath of the morning’s gentle rain.  Driving into the parking lot at work, I’m listening to the morning.  The wet tires on the pavement.  The birds singing.  Even the sounds of my footfalls on the ground seem to be accentuated.

Suddenly, my attention is drawn to a buzzing sound, and movement across the pavement.  It takes me as long to recognize the cicadia as it does for this monster of an insect to become airborne, its heavy body making its flight seem impossible.  Gradually it gains altitude, buzzing along, conjuring images of a mouse with wings.

I’m not the only creature noticing the heavy, slow flight.

Like a hawk swooping down on prey, a robin zeros in on the cicadia, and with deft movements, snatches the insect out of mid-flight.  All is quiet.

Pondering Pastor


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