Arson against Westboro Baptist Church

Over the weekend, someone set fire to a garage containing picket signs and a vehicle at Westboro Baptist Church.  As could be expected, the family members picked up their signs and began picketing right there as the firefighters doused the small fire.  One of their blogs rants that now someone is destroying the very property that is encumbered by the judgment won against them by a York, PA man.

Direct attacks against Westboro Baptist Church will not have the desired effect of stopping their picketing or protests.  Acts like arson only embolded them.  Around Baltimore, I’ve noted considerably less attention given them by the media, and I wonder whether this will (a) reduce their impact or (b) cause them to escalate in some fashion.  People I speak with are clearly frustrated by the actions and statements of Westboro Baptist Church.

I note that they are going to be in Baltimore this week.  I also note that they plan to be protesting in Bejing.  I’d really like to know how the Chineese will deal with the protests.

Pondering Pastor


One response to “Arson against Westboro Baptist Church

  1. I wonder if they are aware of how China has dealt with protesters in the past…

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