Victoria Osteen

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The AP is reporting that a jury has been seated in the lawsuit against Victoria Osteen, spouse of popular televangelist and author Joel Osteen.  The lawsuit alleges that Ms. Osteen assaulted a flight attendant.  I personally have little doubt that the assault happened, but like many lawsuits, I think the plaintiff overstates damages and is pretty bold in the amount being asked for compensation.

Sharon Brown alleges the assault happened before a flight in 2005.  Brown says that Osteen threw her against a bathroom door and elbowed her in the left breast during an angry outburst over a stain on her first-class seat.  The Federal Aviation Administration fined Victoria Osteen $3,000 for interfering with a crew member. The FAA report states Victoria Osteen asked another attendant to clean a liquid on her first-class seat armrest. When that attendant said she would get another flight attendant, Osteen grabbed a second flight attendant and took her to the seat, the report said.  The second attendant said she would call cleaning personnel and headed to the cockpit, the FAA said. Victoria Osteen followed her and came across Brown, whom she pushed and elbowed in an attempt to get to the cockpit, according to the report.  Brown’s suit claims the flight attendants asked to have Victoria Osteen removed from the plane. Hardin says Victoria Osteen and her family left voluntarily. The incident delayed the flight about 2 1/2 hours.

OK, so far, pretty believable.

And then, Brown claims that she suffers from anxiety and hemorrhoids [emphasis mine] because of the incident and said her faith was affected. She is also suing Osteen for medical expenses for counseling.

The requested judgment?  Ten percent of Victoria Osteen’s assets!

Kind of reminds me of Fancy Pants!

Brown doesn’t do herself any favors with her suffering.

The real news in this case is whether or not the jury can provide a fair judgment.

Pondering Pastor

PS – Additional post about Ms. Osteen here.


16 responses to “Victoria Osteen

  1. I think it is sad that a christian behaved like that on the plane. I know we are all human, and we have faults and bad days and times when we make choices that are not the best, but christians, spouses of pastors etc are always looked at more strongly for signs of “unchristian”‘ behavior. Which is sad..and unfair but it is what it is. So, for Ms. osteen’s behavior I feel badly. As far as the lawsuit…two wrongs do not make a right! People just really get way out of line in the game of suing. It saddens me that our society has decided that it is easiest to make money by suing someone. I just hope the jury makes a wise decision…so there is not three wrongs!

  2. i never believe what the media is saying 100%. it’s just possible that they (whoever they is) trying to give a bad name to church, christianity and faith itself. they’re trying to positioned faith, religion, as an industry. so when the worker screwed up, there gotta be something wrong with the business.

  3. We often tate Christainity for granted. I have in my life timen witness some of the detessible acts of display from those that say they are Christians. Some of them feel as though they are the only ones that God has any communication with and that everyone else has to either believe according to the way they say or you’re doom to hell.
    Unfortunally thats just not what my bible tells me.
    In every walk of faith there are those that parade themselves as though they are God himself. Belonging to megaa church XYZ is my ticket to heaven. People don’t fool your self God is not into buildings and denominational worship.
    Understand we are are human and even Mose made a mistake when God told him to speak to the rock, but instead Moses smote the rock. Why because of the fustration that endured himbecause of a people that resisted the power of God’s presence.
    I was married to a woman that said that she was an envangelist and her dad was pastor of the church I attended.
    I was talked about by the first lady, I wasn’t good enough for the daughter, and I didn’t agree with the doctrines that were being preached.
    Most Christians don’t know thier bibles but they know what the pastor said and it’s now the pastor that they are worshipping and not God.

    I hope and pray that Pastor Olsteen and his wife overcome this event and continue to do God’s will. Just keep in mind everything isn’t always what it appears to be.
    Because on the way that I was done in the church I left the church and refuse to hear from anyone that can’t tell who Jesus really is?
    The problem is many don’t know and it’s sad.
    Church is big buisness now and anytime you can rake in million of dollars and not pay taxes something is wrong with that picture. I know I’ll get a lot of feed back from this then so what
    the truth is the truth.
    GOD is sick of the denominational institutions that are decieving his people and he’ going to tear them all down one by one. So all I’m saying is that if you are going to live for Christ then do it with humbleness and love. Not in arrogance and pride. This is why I pray and trust the Holy Spirit to teach me because man fails everytime.
    Have a good and blessed day.

  4. I don’t believe that V. Osteen behaved ostentatiously on the flight because people that have extended amount of assets (Christian or Non-Christian denomination) know how much they could loose and they simply do not act nor behave inappropriately in public. I hope everything turns out for the best for all the parties involved.

  5. I’m sleepy…… I am sorry, did this article actually say anything, it was too difficult to pay attention while being lulled to sleep. Good night.

  6. nearlynormalized

    Mrs. Osteen what a schnizel.

  7. Finding this one hard to believe. We at will be adding the lawsuit to our “what’s wrong with America” file.

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  9. If everyone was not able to respond to Ms Osteen in the manner to that which she is accustomed to why couldn’t little ms just ask for a cloth and wipe it herself. She’s the one who probably made the mess.

  10. If Victoria Osteen was rude, disrespectful, and hateful, then the Holy Bible is accurate when it tells us, “A man will reap what he sows.” I would rather sows kindness, respect, and love toward others.

  11. WEll, if you visit my site you know I how WE feel about Religion. But, as a human being I have a pretty good Idea that V. Osteen did it.. But, like I said again she is Religious and Religious ppl seem to think there ALL that, and other’s have NO Moral’s what so ever or can’t even live day by day without “God” YOUR Leader.. But, I do think the Airplane Lady is asking a way to Geez STUPID amount for what Queen Victoria did.. If I was the Airplane Lady ALL she needed was a I’m Sorry.. And Queen Victoria need’s to own up to what she did. And yea, the Osteen’s are going to be making ALOT of MONEY on this one.. In there Church! I’m sorry in there pocket’s..LOL til l8er

  12. Not one of us was on that plane, no one should judge. Those who are harping on VO should perhaps search their own hearts for a judgmental attitude, envy and jealousy. After all, God is the judger of men’s hearts, and He does not need anyone’s help.

  13. August 14, 2008
    The flight attendant, Sharon Brown, who launched the false law suit against Mrs. Osteen to get money she doesn’t deserve, says the incident ruined her life. However, now that she has been exposed as a fraud, it would be poetic justice if as a result of her greed and dishonesty, she gets her life ruined now. She should be prosecuted, and sent to jail for making this false claim.

  14. The Osteen’s are wonderful GOD fearing Christians and I do not believe that any assault took place. Ms. Brown has a history of accusing people of assault – November 1995. She has suffered no injuries and her doctor has confirmed that much.

    My thoughts are prayers are with Victoria Osteen and also with the jury. I pray that they see the truth and make their ruling accordingly. Victoria Osteen is not guilty of assaulting Ms. Brown and I question the word “rudeness” as well – wondering just how “rude” Ms. Brown and Ms. Johnson were…. I agree that this woman should have to deal with a charge of “attempted extortion”, because that’s what this is.

    GOD BLESS all who read this. Agree or not – GOD BLESS you anyway.

    I am also praying for Ms. Brown – she needs it.

  15. Put this Brown person in jail for makinf false accusations!!!. She has a history of falsely accusing other people and suing for money. Extortion is the name of the game for this kind of people. I am glad the jurors saw that.

  16. I’m still trying to figure out how it was Victoria Osteen’s fault Sharon Brown got hemohrroids!

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