No apology! What it costs!

In my post yesterday about Victoria Osteen, I neglected to mention that Sharon Brown, the flight attendant suing Ms. Osteen, is also asking for an apology.  Apparently Ms. Osteen’s demanding behavior resulted not only in this alleged assault, but a 2 1/2 hour delay for the flight, the Osteens not being permitted to remain on the flight, and a $3000 fine from the FAA.  We all know how these things can get out of control, and how those who provide care for others are often treated poorly.

The demand of an apology is a demand that one being treated as inferior be recognized as having value.

Too often, today’s apologies fall far short of that.  I’ve written about the apologies of Michael Vick, Larry Craig, John Hagee, the producers of Desparate Housewives, Bill Belichick, Southwest Airlines, and Mattel.

Only time will tell about the nature of any apology from Victoria Osteen.

Pondering Pastor


4 responses to “No apology! What it costs!

  1. the issue here.. is it biblical for a woman to step on the podium and preach..

    the argument by woman.. is the same as gay priest saying they are entitled to preach..

    If she is capacitated to preach about love and grace.. and not able to control her anger in front of extrangers that are serving her..

    simply she needs to step off the podium and follow the leadership of her husband.. and be involved.. in the church behind the curtains..

  2. ponderingpastor

    No, whether or not it is “Biblical for a woman to step on the podium and preach” is not the issue. You can only arrive at that conclusion if you misread one or two sections of scripture and ignore another dozen or so others.

    Pondering Pastor

  3. For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

  4. preacher's wife

    Servitude is a way of life in the ministry. The higher the calling in the ministry, the greater the servitude. Unfortunately, many minister’s/wive’s fail to show servitude. Christ washed the diciple’s feet before His death which was an example of His humility. He was God. How much more humble are we to be? With the greatest gift being love and this woman loving people…if I were she, I would be repenting on Nation Wide Television for my actions, even if I DID NOT DO IT! GOD FORGIVE ME IF I OFFENDED ANYONE! Amen anyone?

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