Victoria Osteen Trial – Day 1

The lawsuit trial accusing Victoria Osteen with assault against Sharon Brown, a flight attendant, began today in Houston.  Opening statements were the order of the day, according to Brian Rogers of the Houston Chronicle.

The truth is somewhere in between?

From Ms. Osteen’s perspective:

As her husband, celebrity evangelist Joel Osteen, sat by her side, Osteen’s attorney said she didn’t yell at the Continental Airlines flight attendant and never touched her. Hardin said Osteen, who was with her husband and children, asked for napkins to clean up the mess, then had a brief verbal confrontation with Brown before returning to her seat.

From Ms. Brown’s perspective:

Sharon Brown will testify that Osteen grabbed her by the shoulders, pushed her into a restroom door and elbowed her in the chest, her attorney said.  “They were doing their job,” Reginald McKamie said of the flight attendants, at whom Osteen is accused of yelling. “They were protecting the passengers, they were protecting the crew, they were protecting the plane.”  McKamie said two flight attendants stood shoulder to shoulder in front of the cockpit door to block Osteen, who tried to get in to talk to the pilot.

From this not so casual observer:

  1. These days, you don’t try to get into the cockpit to talk to the pilot for any reason, no matter who you are.  It puts everyone at risk.  You have no business in the cockpit unless invited in (and there are rules about that also!)
  2. Any event onboard an airplane that delays the flight 2 1/2 hours is significant.
  3. Federal Aviation Regulations require all passengers to comply with flight crew instructions.
  4. Entitlement does not come from first class seating, traveling with family, or how big the church is that you lead.

As I’ve said before, I think Ms. Brown has gone overboard with this lawsuit, but I believe Ms. Osteen bears significant responsibility.

The judge expects that the trial could last up to a week!  Those are our taxpayer dollars at work!

Pondering Pastor


3 responses to “Victoria Osteen Trial – Day 1

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly. I work in Washington D.C. and see this type of “entitlement” behavior far too often.

  2. How does one’s faith…FAITH, lose because of this ridiculous incident? Why would someone want to sure in the name of faith in the first place? Besides those in the world who have been persecuted for their beliefs.

  3. I feel that this flight attendant is full of crap, She is a hateful person that fliped out and now wants a lot of money from the osteens. I feel sorry for her because life is a bitch at pay back time

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