Edwards Explains Self and Osteen

It happens with just one sentence.

“I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic.”

Says it all, doesn’t it!

Pondering Pastor


4 responses to “Edwards Explains Self and Osteen

  1. I’ve seen this happen to one pastor who began as a young man, seeking God’s will. As the church grew and his fame spread abroad, he began to change until he had a circle of friends who were very wealthy and influential men in the city. Then his own power increased in his denomination until he forgot about God’s will. He needed Spiritual surgery…an implant…or as my grandma used to say, “He needs a slice of humble pie!”

  2. “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” ring a bell?

    Sure, you have a point, but stop and ask yourself- if you had been given a mega church young, would you have made a mistake or two?

    Joel is a nice young man.

    The dad preached the bible word for word, line by line, and the place was a tremendous church back when it was still a metal building.

    I am in debt to Joel’s dad for great teaching of the word, microscopic examination of the scripture.

    Each time John Osteen spoke it was not a sermon but systematically teaching through the Bible line by line, with dozens of other scriptures applied to almost every single line and word, and I do mean word studies looking at the meaning, translation, and ties to the rest of the Bible.

    All I can say regarding that time, years ago, is if you want to turn your church into a powerful place where God really works among the people, just teach the Bible word for word, line for line.

    I can testify honestly- nothing any preacher has to say in a “sermon” can come close to what the Bible says tying all scripture to each word and line.

    Now do not judge Joel too harshly about his wife or his doctrine- he is a good man.

    If a man has something God wants to tidy up about interpreting scripture or life, you best believe God is well able to tidy it up.

    It is called learning.

  3. Joel Osteen is a wonderful inspiring teacher, and he teaches good faith in a way that most people can relate to. And it is about time, we all need a wake up call, look around at this world and what a sad state of affairs some things are in.

    Joel is a true instrument of God and his favor, and his wife is equally yoked and they are a true blessing, this trial will show a lot of people that good does win over evil.. In Christ!

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