Victoria Osteen Trial – She testifies!

This just in!

Victoria Osteen testified today!

The wife of megachurch evangelist Joel Osteen told jurors Friday she was “dumbfounded” and “shook up” after a flight attendant accused her of assaulting her over a spill on a first-class seat. Victoria Osteen, in court because the flight attendant is suing her, said she pushed no one and even ended up cleaning the spill that sparked the incident herself.

She even cleaned up the spill herself!  That’s a novel idea!

“I love people. I’m guilty of that,” Victoria Osteen said.  Victoria Osteen said when she first told a flight attendant about the spill, she was handed some napkins. She said she responded, “‘It’s not my job.’ I didn’t say it in an ugly tone of voice.”

So … since it was not in an ulgy tone of voice, it’s OK?  You know, if she said “it’s not my job” at all to me, I’d take offense.

All I know is that if I act like this in the congregation I serve, I’d be called up short … and appropriately so.

This is absolutely amazing!

She just doesn’t get it, does she?

Pondering Pastor

Day 3 of the trial is here


29 responses to “Victoria Osteen Trial – She testifies!

  1. I read the stories on this topic on multiple news providers. But what on earth are you a hypocritical pastor, babbling about? Judgmental much? For one, this “flight attendant” probably had no clue who the passenger was, and is suing now after finding out who it was…and how much 10% of their net worth would be. Research the average salary of a flight attendant and you’d be flabbergasted. No wonder they great you so warmly at the door. Anywho, what’s to prove her PTSD even exists…the woman asked her to clean up a spill and said it wasn’t her job…you say you’d be offended if someone told you, “It’s not my job..” I’d be offended if an employee shoved a mop, wet floor sign, some bleach and/or napkins in my face to clean up a spill anywhere, which mind you this attendant had done PRIOR to her saying anything about the job not being hers to oversee. So epic fail on this so called, “Pondering Pastor.” We should not judge anyone but ourselves, because THAT is what determines if heaven wants us… Just being saved doesn’t mean anything at Ye Ole’ Gates. Use this for your next sermon…

  2. For Heaven’s sakes! Obviously the flight attendant started the altercation herself by handing the napkin to Victoria Osteen to clean up the mess in the first place. No, it was NOT her job. It was the flight attendant’s job. I’m sure in retrospect, Victoria wishes she had just quietly wiped away the spot on the seat and said no more.

    I truly believe the first flight attendant acted out of line, then brought in the second flight attendant to reinforce her unbendable stance, and that’s exactly what the second flight attendant did! Put yourself in Victoria’s place as having been bullied, as well as many other flight passengers in recent news articles. Many passengers are being herded around like cattle and are being treated in an argumentative way.

    Read up on these incidences folks. Many of these airline personnel have gotten way out of line in their mistreatment of so many passengers and will throw them off their flight in a heartbeat if they react in any way; then will have all their little witnesses on hand to reinforce their mean allegations.

    I do NOT believe Victoria shoved that attendant or attacked her in any other way. Have you not ever been fasely accused and had an incident blown out of proportion to make it appear that you did something that you did not do? I believe the flight attendant got right up in Victoria’s face with her loud aggressiveness towards her, defying her to react.

    I believe the judge should throw this matter out of his court and fine the plaintiff for filing a frivilous lawsuit and besmirching the defendant’s good name. These airlines need to be taught a lesson in their mistreatment of so many of their passengers.

  3. You know the flight attendant didn’t suffer enough to claim post traumatic stress disorder. For crying out loud it wasn’t, if it even happened, a major thing. What if she did get a little annoyed at the attendant. I’ve been on a flight where the attendant should have been reprimanded. Did she? NO. Yet, we as passengers get sued and a $3,ooo. fine slapped on us. I have an idea, the next time one of their precious attendants gets nasty with us, let’s sue. Be real people, she’s a person and as a person she’s entitled to a bad day and anger. I guess we can’t point our fingers at anyone if we are a famous preachers wife or we will be sued. By the way I don’t attend their church. I am just sick of sue happy people who want to make a buck. Hey, flight attendant, why didn’t you do your job. I’ve always been taught the consumer is right and should be catered to. Get a job where you don’t have to work with people. They may get aggravated at you and point their sunglasses your direction and we wouldn’t want you to go to counseling for that now would we?

  4. In fact, had I been the Osteens, I would not have quietly paid the $3,000 fine and would have contested the matter. I can see that they just wanted it to go away.

    But now that Victoria Osteen has been sued under frivilous and false (exageraged) allegations, I believe I would seriously consider a counter suit against the airlines and those flight attendants involved, particularly the one demanding money damages; and would also demand a refund of the $3,000 fine they paid; when in fact, Victoria should not have paid it when she did no more than react to the bullying she suffered as any other normal, intelligent human being would have done.

    Victoria Osteen and her husband are the ones suffering the damages here and NOT the flight atttendant. This flight attendant and her little reinforcement flight attendant buddy should be ashamed of themselves! I would NOT simply let this matter drop if I were in Victoria’s shoes, no matter what the outcome of the trial may be.

  5. Why is someone who is supposed to embrace modesty and not embrace greed flying in first class. Isn’t religion supposed to preach about how we give up for ourselves to give to others. Not sure how flying in first class qualifies as giving up but sheesh, if she spilled a drink then she can clean it up. Is she above doing the modest work of the common few. I will bet the idiots from her church paid for the trip with their 10 contributions.

  6. The flight attendant is probably lying. Once again this is about money. If Victoria did do anything it’s still not right that she would have to give up 10% of her net worth. The attendant is just trying to get rich. The Osteen’s should counter sue.

  7. ISAIAH 54:17.. no weapon formed against you will prosper.. JOHN 16:22 .. noone will take your joy.. … FAVOR OF GOD!!!!!

  8. I agree with you and just wrote about the same thing this morning on my blog!

    Why, oh, why, would Mrs. Osteen not just take the napkins and wipe up the “half-dollar” size spill on her own armrest? Why would she respond “It’s not my job!” It’s not like she was asked to hand out peanuts or clean the kitchen galley.

    The lawsuit is ridiculous, but so is the poor judgment, unbridled hubris, and Christ-less attitude that instigated it.

  9. This is my opinion on the incident and trial.
    Victoria did not have to wipe the spill up. The flight attendant should have had it cleaned up prior to the passengers boarding. And it is the flight attendants job to clean the spill. Victoria was right it was not her job. It does not matter what you or I would have done, she is first class and shuld have received first class treatment…PERIOD! If I were flying first class I would expect my seat to be clean and dry and expect the attendant to clean it. All attendants are taught customer service and first class should get first class treatment, that’s why they pay more! REAL SIMPLE. In my opinion this attendant and her attorney should get a counter suit slapped on them and personally feel the attorney that took this case should be called down on filing such a frivlous suit along with the therapist that claims such ridiculous crap in the PTSD diagnosis…If I were Vicoria I would have the flight attendants job, the lawyer would be brought in front of the Bar and the therapist would sure be reported and investigated. I would have all investigated to see if they file or have filed frivilous claims in the past. The therapist in my opinion has to be a total QUACK! The therapist in this case needs her records reviewed by the Board. And yes I work in the medical profession and would love to sit on this jury! It seems like the flight attendant does not want to do her job as required so the easy way out is to sue so she can stay home and if she does not win she will claim disability due to the quacks diagnosis. Get ready Social Security here comes another claim!
    It is frivilous and a JOKE!

  10. Lawsuit aside, what is the actual bottom line for Joel and Victoria, as preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? They are to preach and teach the word of God. Each Sunday should be an opportunity to tell of the Good News of Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus has cleansed us from our sins and given us eternal life. Just as Billy Graham has faithfully preached over the years to countless millions whose lives have been changed, so should this Texas couple do likewise.
    It is not mine to judge them but I have tuned in more than once, hoping to hear of the Gospel but each time I hear the same, diluted, feel-good, message of prosperity and positive thoughts. Joel’s dad would be very surprised and sadly disappointed.

    • I’m in complete agreement with you, David. It is, indeed, a very dangerous thing to place political correctness above the message of the Gospel. In his most talked-about interview on television, when asked about the possibility of homosexuals wanting to join the church, Mr. Osteen said, in a very halting voice, “Well—I—
      wouldn’t—encourage—it.” So afraid to offend anyone, he is determined to “make nice” with everyone.
      Ask David Wilkerson how easy it is to stay on the good side of a man who needs Jesus because of his sins, and wants to kill you because of your persistence. His initial meeting with Nicky Cruz was pretty shaky; but Pastor Wilkerson persisted, and because of his refusal to back down, someone who was lost finally gave his heart to Christ.
      As for the Osteens being preachers…if memory serves, he was “ordained” by members of his Board; and, since he could buy and sell either one of those Board members, he is accountable to NO ONE and never will be…not on this earth anyway. By his own admission, Mr. Osteen
      “…never was a preacher…never wanted to be a preacher.” Wish granted, Joel.
      It IS about the money. Joel and Victoria’s money. The multiplied thousands of Kool-Aid drinkers who sit in front of them every week have made the Osteens multi-billionaires. I shudder to think what the end might be for these and others who preach the “name it and claim it”
      …the “blab it and grab it” philosophy, while millions of souls are dying without ever having a personal relationship with Jesus.
      You are right, David—it isn’t ours to judge. God has already done that; and, accordingly, will say in the end, “…I never knew you: depart from me ye that work iniquity.” (Matthew 7:23 KJV)

  11. I agree – When I pay for First Class Seats – I expect First Class Service. In the first place – NO ATTENDANT should tell a paying passenger to Clean up anything! It isn’t the job of a passenger. You shouldn’t hand a napkin to any passenger – rather you should tend to the spill or stain yourself. Flight attendants – Customer Service is really super important – especially these days. Most of us are not so keen on flying these days – don’t run off the customers you have with your attitude.

    “NO weapon formed against the Osteens will stand – they are under the blood of the lamb” “No work of the enemy will prosper.”

    I must admit, I have not reacted the way most people think Christians should act.

    I absolutely do not believe that this alleged “assault” happened at all. Money for nothing – Extortion.

    If, by some silly chance, Ms. Brown were to win the settlement she is running after – she won’t have it long – someone somewhere will take it from her in some manner. Ill gotten gains just don’t last. (Her lawyer will be the first one to take a heaping part of it…LOL)

    The Osteens are kind, decent human beings who honestly love people.

    I just do not believe this even happened. MaybeVictoria did become a little upset at being handed a napkin to “clean it up herself” – I would have as well – I would have said something to the effect of “Uh Miss…I don’t work here and I’ve paid dearly for these over priced seats – I’m not about to do the housekeeping!”

    Have a wonderful day! GOD Bless everyone who reads this. Agree with me or don’t – I still pray GOD’S best for you.

  12. Cudo’s to Anne Braun. My recent flights have been a show of disgrace on the part of flight attendants (I am sure that there are many exceptions). Regardless of how much they make or don’t make, there should be a work ethic and appreciation for the customer. My dealings have been nothing short of rudeness and looks of disdain because I am the customer who might need service. Sadly, it is this way from the curb to the curb with everything in between being a hassle. Whatever happened to “the customer is always right”? Take a peak at the decline in revenue for the airlines and you will see that things are way off in their performance.
    One more thing, who says a pastor and his family shouldn’t fly first class. They are stewards of all that God has given them and how do you know if purchasing a first-class ticket is out of line with their finances. There is also such a thing as “upgrade” and with all of their travel I am sure that this is a possibility. Shame on judging others so intently.

  13. To: keith // August 9, 2008 at 11:13 am the spill was already on the seat Victoria didn’t do the deed.

  14. Added comment this is not the first lawsuit this person has filed and I expect it will not be the last. Money Hungry Is Money Hungry Does.

  15. I attended Lakewood when John Olsteen was alive and the preacher. Good Church.

    Joel is a very different preacher from his dad but very good in the approach he takes, encouraging people with scripture. We all need encouragement with scripture today.

    The wife is something else: entitled is a kind way to put it. When people become spectacularly wealthy, and the Olsteens have, it is all too easy to become a little quick on the trigger in demands, and she has.

    Is the lawsuit over the top, grabbing for the gold over a slight? Yes, of course it is. The flight attendant was slighted, even physically, but is suing because the Olsteens do have multi-millions.

    Unfortunately the preacher’s wife did not take responsibility for her actions, and appears to have avoided any serious introspection aside from avoiding loosing some of the money that made her this way.

    Both sides appear wrong in this public display via the courts.

    Who can say, perhaps this is a God Deal more than a court deal. Too much money, or power, is not good for some people.

    There seems to be a great deal of that going around these last 8 years.

  16. ponderingpastor

    Racist comment posted by “SM” blocked and deleted.

  17. If I’d paid for a first class seat, I’d expect first class service, which does not include sitting in the wet spot or being told to clean it up myself. Further, if this air waitress is used to first class passengers, then she should be used to haughty behavior. I work in an office and deal with high maintenance people, so you’d think this seasoned air hostess would have developed a thicker skin. She’s trained to deal with disasters like plane crashes and fires, trained to keep people from panicking, and trained to deal with possible terrorists, but she’s got PTSD from a preacher’s wife? PUH-lease!

  18. First of all, a flight attendant is not your servant! Her primary job is to get our a…….out of the airplane in case of emergencies, not to wait on us! That is not an FAA requirement, but being trained on emergency procedures is. Just like a commercial airplane cannot take off without the pilot, neither can it take off if it does not have the required number of flight attendants, so if one is missing, guess what? The plane cannot take off. Does that sound like a servant to you? It does to Victoria Osteen and to those who are ignorant of the reason flight attendants are required. Do you think the airlines would waste money on having flight attendants if their sole purpose was to wait on us? Think people!

  19. In my earlier blog I stated that I am in the medical profession. I am also an ex-military war vet. It is an insult to all veterans that Brown would use PTSD because someone allegedly pushed her on a plane and shook glasses in her face. Imagine if there were a terrorist on the plane, my guess is her hemorroids would have stopped her from reacting because they don’t have the money, ten percent of a bomb is a bomb. She is a crook and I am glad I don’t attend your church Mr. Pondering Pastor. The bible says you should not sit in judgement, only god can judge. If you were paying for a car repair and the mechanic handed you the wrench and said fix it yourself….you would be a little upset too. Brown should have done her job and cleaned up the arm rest. It would have taken less than five minutes.

  20. I’ve worked in the service industry all of my life and would be “fired” from any of my jobs if I just handed the guest some napkins when something needed to be cleaned! What airline is it? I need to know so I don’t go “ghetto” the next time I fly.

  21. I have known many people who have been abused, raped, abandoned and suffered far more pain than the plaintiff and still have not had their faith affected. How sad that this woman blames some small incident like this to have not only shaken her faith but has given her hemorrhoids. What a sad, sad person Sharon Brown proved herself to be.

  22. Victoria did nothing wrong by complaining about a spill and asking a stewardess to take care of it. Victoria was a customer of the airline and Ms. Brown was the employee hired to make the customer (Victoria) comfortable and safe. Just because someone is a Christian doesn’t mean they can’t request customer service!! I don’t know why people think Victoria was acting “entitled” and “haughty.” I would’ve done the exact same thing, and I probably would’ve been rude about it… but I highly doubt that Victoria was rude about it. I think it’s been made very clear from this trial that Ms. Brown had a “chip” on her shoulder and exaggerated the whole thing and was very easily offended by someone with a complaint. Of course, she also had to exagerate it in order to “prove” she had a case worth money… which she couldn’t do… she could’ve prove it because Victoria was innocent.

  23. The Osteens should counter suit this flight attendant for trying to extort money from them. Also they should sue the Air Lines for allowing their employees to mistreat and abuse the passengers. If I was a first class passenger I expect the flight attendant to clean my seat and be courteous. First class seats are not cheap, they cost lots of money.

  24. Reply to keith:This has nothing to do with them flying first class.Why does flying first class bother you?And in reply to snowball ,it is the job of the flight attendant to wipe spills…if its not their job,then whose is it?The customer??Don’t make me laugh!
    I am a hospital doctor and when patients come to me I do not tell them to write their own prescriptions!
    Sharon Brown is little more than a common thief with a twist-she might as well have just put a gun to Victoria’s head and asked for her money!

  25. The comments here are pretty shocking.

    The preacher’s wife “blew her stack” or “saw red” and tried to march into the cockpit- a real “no-no” post 911- to demand satisfaction, and got fined $3000 for it.

    I am trying to see any reason to the strong remarks defending that, but see none.

    You have “blown your stack”, so have I.
    If you recall such an event in your own life, and are honest about it, the actual trigger was not all that important. There was something wrong behind it, inside yourself, not outside.

    Going tunnel vision to stomp up to the cockpit was and is egotistical, self-centered, and yes, “entitled”. Who of us have not pulled something similar in our lives? And which of us who have cannot admit it was “us” who over reacted?

    Did the stewardess punch a button?
    It looks that way. But many of the remarks above seem to have had their buttons punched as well.

  26. why do people feel the need to think that everything people go through is their business. its not! and why do you judge Believers so much harshly than just some random walking on the side of the street? everyone is human.. think about it

  27. Only from what I’ve read here on this blog, it sounds like this woman accusing Victoria Osteen of assualt has a fairly large chip on her shoulder and envious of the amount money that the Osteen’s are making and are probably worth. Therefore, she is trying to get some money out of them. A lot of her accusations sound extremley exaggerated.

    I know this is a little bit off topic but I am certainly not keen at all on the prosperity gospel that Joel Osteen seems to be preaching. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to be that the theory is that God wants us to be successful and wealthy, that all/most of God’s blessings are to be found in that mindset or way of thinking.
    So God doesn’t bless us when we’re not rolling in the green apparently. Somehow, I’m not so sure.

    Anyway, back to the topic, it sounds to be like the accusations were blown out of all proportion to me.

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