Victoria Osteen Trial – Day 3

Many commenters to this Blog are very critical of Sharon Brown’s lawsuit against Victoria Osteen.  Some believe she is a “gold-digger”, is avoiding doing her job, and is simply looking to take down a popular person.  I’ve suggested that when someone is treated as an “inferior” and with disrespect, there is often a desire to assert one’s value.  That’s what I believe this lawsuit is about.  In court today, Ms. Brown described the incident which prompted the lawsuit.

“I asked her to calm down. When she came to me she was very upset. She was shaking (her sunglasses) in my face,” Brown testified. “I asked her ‘What could I do for you?’ I did everything I thought I could do in that situation.”  Brown testified that Victoria Osteen threw her against a bathroom door and elbowed her in the left breast. Brown said even after that, she remained courteous and tried to help the passenger.  “I looked in her eyes and realized she was looking at the cockpit. I positioned myself in front of the cockpit,” Brown said. “I still was trying to understand what was going on because it happened so quick. My main concern was I wasn’t going to let this lady in the cockpit.”

And then,

“I want her to admit she did something (wrong). I think people need to be held accountable for their actions,” Brown told jurors.

In previous testimony, Ms. Osteen and Mr. Osteen denied any wrongdoing, any assault, or any real altercation.

The jury was shown a video deposition of the captain of the airplane.

The captain of the plane, Bill Burnett, said he saw Brown and another flight attendant standing shoulder to shoulder at the cockpit door with their backs toward him.  “In 23 years I’ve never seen that happen,”.

Certainly, this was a significant part of the $3000 fine levied by the FAA against Ms. Osteen.

“She came up to me and she called me an angel,” Brown said. “She gave me this look up and down and said, ‘I guess you want me to apologize, but it won’t be sincere.'”

Ms. Brown also said that Mr. Osteen apologized for his wife’s behavior.

I really believe that had Victoria Osteen backed off, apologized, and treated Ms. Brown with respect, this would have never seen the light of day in court.  Undoubtedly, many of the readers of this blog disagree.

Pondering Pastor


18 responses to “Victoria Osteen Trial – Day 3

  1. There’s a good reason the New Testament warns: The love of money is the root of all sorts of evil… 1 Tim. 6:10 How do you stay humble and retain the servants attitude as Jesus taught when the world, close friends and media all clamor for your attention. When the very church you pastor idolizes you and fills the coffers with millions? Before this mega, mega building, Lakewood was already a church that seated 7,000. Why was that not enough?
    Joel’s “encouraging talks” each Sunday imply that God is just waiting to financially bless people and give them a smooth path. Apparently Joel has been lured away by his own fame and fortune. I am not surprised that Victoria feels superior to most ordinary working people. After all, she is worshipped at her church.

  2. I do not believe that this incident happened any other than how Pastor Osteen said it happened. I do believe that Ms. Brown may feel “inferior” but NO ONE CAN MAKE A PERSON FEEL INFERIOR WITHOUT HIS/HER PERMISSION. It sounds like Ms. Brown feels inferior – and people who “feel” inferior are often depressed and they get boob jobs and face lifts and other cosmetic “boosts” in order for them to feel better about themselves – when all they have to do is learn to LOVE themselves just as they are. GOD did not make any mistakes.

    I also believe that Ms. Brown is a money grubber – extortionist. Come on now – 10% of the Osteen’s net worth? Little excessive – even if she WAS pushed and elbowed in her fake boob. Too hefty of a settlement, if you ask me – if the woman had merely asked for her shrink bill be paid (IF this actually happened) – and if she’d asked for $100,000 – I probably wouldn’t feel quite this way – but 10% of their net worth? This Ms. Brown wants MONEY and A LOT OF IT and she doesn’t want to earn it.

  3. I beleive that the attendant is after money. It is not the first time she has accused someone of assaulting her. i cannot beleive Victoria would do that. Some of the passangers should have seen and come forward. It is a waste of tax payers money.

  4. I’am a lakewood member and I do not worship Joel Osteen or His wife we worship God and we are taught to love and certaintly to love ourselves and to respect and not judge but, we are not martyr’s we are human beings with the same attitude of defense as anybodyelse why is victoria being treated as if she cannot get upset at two disrespectful employees she has every right to get upset if she is flying first class and their is a spill on her chair she needs it cleaned up not to be handed a napkin to do it herself I do not even clean the table myself at whataburger nevertheless a spill on airplane seat this is about descrediting her because who she is I would counter suit the flight attendants for defamation of character God’s love is abudant for those who seek him nobody is better than anybody we all have the same privlige some just choose to be victims but you have the choice to be victourious in every area of your life thru trail and error you rid yourself of ingnorance I hope the flight attendant’s get rid of their ingnorance and start believing in God and not trying to get ahead ruining somebodyelse life remember what comes around goes around. I love God, and love the osteens for helping me reach higher grounds in the world we live in may the lord despair then from evil and the judge be the from above.

  5. This is not about the ministry of the Osteens.
    It is about conniving flight attendant with an ambulance chasing lawyer who sees the opportunity to fleece a”celebrity”(post traumatic stress disorder from someone waving their glasses at you…..puleeeze!Loss of faith…Liar! 10% of Victoria’s net worth…..That is just daylight robbery!) Im sure if it was Jane Doe with a 10 dollar an hour salary she would NOT have bothered to trump up exaggerated charges or sue.It’s all about money that people and their hungry lawyers can get,not about truth, righteousness, or justice.
    And why should Ms Osteen have to apologize?
    She demanded(and rightly so)that her seat be cleaned.The customer is always right!
    As a flight attendant you should be falling over yourself to help not giving customers attitude!
    I do not believe for one second that she hit the lady or tried to storm the cockpit.That Brown is just a thief!

  6. I hope I never have to fly Continental Airlines.
    If I find myself in that situation, I will rent a car and drive. I think this looks very bad for the airlines. How could you ever think you could end up in a situation like poor Victoria is in over flying to a vacation spot. Even if the suit is dropped, the Osteens will be out so much money in lawyer fees. What a shame!
    I sure hope the Osteens are vendicated. Victoria is the one who is due an apology. Time and money have been wasted not to mention a much deserved vacation. Maybe the airlines will offer them a free trip to where ever they would like to go with all expenses paid.

  7. Give me a break! if every person that felt slighted or “abused”, whether they were a server or a customer, was allowed to waste the taxpayer’s money as Sandra Brown is doing. we would ALL be in court!!! She obviously sued the Osteens because she thought she could make some money. That will probably turn out to be the biggest mistake of her life. Her face and story have become so well known that continuing to be a stewardess will no longer be possible for her. I, for one would object to her presence on any flight that I would happen to be on with her. (And I take MANY Continental flights out of Houston!) I’m DISGUSTED every time I see her face on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am more concerned than the suit of the attitudes of our religious leaders who consider themselves bigger than life and begin to believe their own press. I dont believe assault occured but I have never seen a “holy” man or woman of God with this kind of public indignation over excess- yes excess. What gives them the right to travel first class and act, dress and proport themselves like they are better than others. Part of what attracts this is their own attitude. Shame on them.

  9. I agree that this is a shame and a waste of the courts time and money. She should not get a dime. As the previous blogger stated, if this was average joe arguing over a dirty seat, no law suit would have been filed. Brown saw an opprotunity to be in the spot light and make easy money while defaming someone else. My profession is focused on customer service, and how hard would it have been to clean the armrest and avoid this drama. I am an african american woman and I believe this has nothing to do with race or religion. This is extortion. If I had been in Victoria’s shoes, I would have prayed asking to “lay my hands” on this “money grubbing crook”. If you are gonna sue me, I will ake it worth the while. I also work in the medical field and more than stress or someone pushing you would cause lack of sleep and hemorroids…she needs to change her diet and pray more.

  10. The bible states that at the end of time there will be those with itching ears, not wanting to hear the truth but what makes them feel good. The truth is never preached. GOD commanded us to go out into the world, preaching, teaching and baptizing everyone in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the remission of their sins. GOD says, Whoa to those that preach any other gospel.

  11. I would not have been suprised if Mrs. Osteen was upset, however am not suprised that someone would take it a step further and take advantage of the situation. People…..if you want some money……work for it! Don’t ask for hand outs!!

  12. Dave….in my opinion….one should not judge another. I am happy that the Osteens have found their gift…..and I myself am very pleased with their church. I had the opportunity to join them in their gathering in San Antonio….and must say it was the best money I ever spent. My life has changed for the better since then.

  13. Did you have to wait about 3 years to sue? Did you just realized that you lost your faith in God? I mean, what world do we live in? Sorry, but i find this outragous as to what miss brown is trying to do.

  14. I don’t think that Victoria treated her or viewed her as inferior. I think Ms. Brown had an “inferiority complex” to begin with.

    Haven’t yet met people like that? You whisper something to someone and someone else thinks you are talking about them. Or you look at someone wrong and they are hurt or angry. Or a mother says “no”to a child, and the child says she is mean, unloving, and maybe even calls her abusive (some children never grow up). Or a wife accuses her husband of being a “pervert” because she is insecure and thinks he looked at a woman with lust when maybe he didn’t.

    Sharon Brown’s reason for believing that Victoria wanted to storm the cockpit was because, in Sharon’s words, “She saw it in her eyes.”

    I think Sharon automatically assumed that because Victoria is a beautiful blonde, wealthy, well-dressed woman, that she was also looking down on Sharon. My former mother-in-law was like that. She assumed that people thought they were better than her and so basically, she hated people. It could be the grocery store clerk or her next door neighbor, but she just knew that in their mind, they looked down on her and thought they were better than her.

    I think Sharon Brown is like that. I think Victoria probably inconvenienced her when she requested that her seat be cleaned. Even Victoria’s attorney asked Sharon if she talked to everyone like “idiots’ because that’s how she was talking to him in court.

    Victoria probabably treated her rather neutrally… just a simple request for a spill to be cleaned, but Mrs. Brown saw… nice clothes, blonde hair, pretty woman… first class passenger… and assumed that she was a “diva” who was looking down on her and blah, blah, blah.

  15. I also think that we need to examine our own hearts and see if we are reacting just like Mrs. Brown did… we see a wealthy pastor with a big smile and his beautiful, well-dressed wife…and we know they are wealthy… and we might disagree with his “prosperity” teachings… BUT if we judge them based on that, we are in the wrong.

    I don’t agree with all their teachings, but I’ve never seen anything in their words or actions to indicate that they are not loving or gracious people.

    It’d be easy for me to envy them and try to find fault in them, because maybe it’d make me feel better thinking that my character was better than theirs because I would “never” ask a stewardess to clean a spill (gasp) and certainly, never be rude with anyone! I’m far above that, and it just proves that wealthy, beautiful people who I envy are really very ugly hypocrites on the inside.

    I suppose that might make me feel good because I’d be exalting myself above them. But it’d be wrong because it’d be judging them based on my own prejudices, jealousies, and bitterness about my own life.

    Just because you might not like their theology or their lifestyle and just because Mrs. Brown said things about Victoria… doesn’t mean Victoria is guilty of any wrongdoing.

  16. Pondering Pastor-
    I agree with your conclusion.

  17. ordinaryreportage

    I think Victoria Osteen is great! She should therefore run for President .. I mean, c’mon, in an age where everyone is so “good” (in public) at least we find someone w/ normal premenstrual or post menopausal rage.. it’s better than repressing a LOT of those emotions. So, she was in a crummy mood, she paid for it.. it happens!

  18. God’s mercy is for all people who seek..

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