Victoria Osteen Trial – Day 4

The attorney for Ms. Brown rested their case today.  That meant that Ms. Osteen’s attorney took over.

Today’s testimony featured three first-class passengers.

“There wasn’t anything that occurred that she could be suing over,” said Laura Knoppe, who was sitting in the first row of first-class seats, closest to where Brown said the attack took place.  She said she never heard Osteen yelling or screaming.

Another passenger, Barbara Shedden, who had been called by Brown’s attorney, described the interaction between Brown and Victoria Osteen as “just a power of the wills. It was very authoritative on both parts.”  Shedden said Victoria Osteen was out of line by standing in the aisle while she waited for the spill to be cleaned up, but testified she doubted an attack took place.

A third passenger, James Steele, said he never heard any yelling or sounds of a physical altercation.

I’m hopeful this gets sent to the jury soon.

Pondering Pastor


10 responses to “Victoria Osteen Trial – Day 4

  1. I think this flight attendant is money hungry..wanting 10% of Victoria Osteen’s money?! This woman needs to get a life..movve ahead! So many people are doubting this flight attendant’s word. Lady…just give it up…you have no one to back you up…and you clearly are delusional!

  2. Of course she is money hungry. What else would it be – a deep bruise caused by a flying elbow? Her feelings were that hurt because some primadonna didn’t respect the wings on her uniform.

    Although this lawsuit is completely inane, it’s important to note that a pastor’s wife seen globally and recognized locally was at the root of this problem.

    Because she doesn’t seem to have the moral character to personify Christ AT ALL TIMES, we are here today. Perhaps this ordeal will wake her up and cause her to notify her face that she is saved.


  3. Seems like the facts are coming out. Someone digging for gold again. Nothing new in several thousand years.

  4. I agree that this women is delusional. The Osteen’s have done and continue to do so many, many things to help people. Our son and his wife both came to Christ at Lakewood Church because of Joel and Victoria. Victoria is an amazing Christian, wife and mother. My husband and I are praying that this confused women will ask for help.

    On another note, I wish that these kind of law suits that spend taxpayers money should make her accountable for such a stupid waste of everyone’s time and money.

  5. Joel and his family are on fire for the Lord. They walk in faith setting an example for their children. This woman is only out to make some quick millions and get a lot of fame. She needs to give it up. If you have ever listened to Joel Osteen preach then you will know how like him and his family to say lets just pay the fine and move on even if we know that we did nothing wrong. Maybe Victoria should file a suit for defamation of character. Also for having her children traumatized by the whole ordeal. You get the point. Prayers to the O’steens

  6. Prayer to the Osteens, AMEN. I totally agree – another delusional, money-grubber. No way Ms. Brown should win her case with these ludicrous accusations. AND…she should be charged with attempted extortion!

  7. I can’t believe there is a website “the pondering pastor” that’s soule purpose seems to be gloifying these events. I am a Christian and it is this kind of behavior that causes the non-believers I meet in my life not to believe in God. They are always commenting about how we can’t get along and judge each other. I am not a fan of Joel Olsteen, but it is GOD who is the judge! If I am to pass down my “opinions” of what happened, especially since I wasn’t even there, then I am sinning indeed, and will be judged for that sin. It’s time to get back to our purpose of living a Godly life seperated from sin, instead of following along with what the rest of the world is doing and acting no different than them. Peace.

  8. Yes, the flight attendant was digging for gold, but what she dug up was the dirt on Victoria Osteen, i.e. here sense of superiority, snobbishness, what she really thinks of those she considers are beneath her. I wonder what she thinks of the working class that attend their church.

  9. Snowball, maybe your sense of inferiority is causing you to project something that isn’t there. That happens sometimes when people are envious and jealous of someone they perceive to have more, which is apparently what befell this flight attendant.

  10. Agree with bunnie about snowball.How do you know that Victoria has a sense of superiorty?Are you her maker?Even if she did, concentrate on the facts of the case.It is not Victoria’s attitude, whatever it may be that is on trial, is it? I hope hungry lying Brown and her even hungrier lawyer get nothing!

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