Victoria Osteen Trial – To the Jury

Reading the news reports makes me believe this one is going to go Victoria Osteen’s way.

Closing statements are made today.

An attorney for a Continental Airlines flight attendant asked a jury Thursday to award his client at least $405,000 for physical and mental pain suffered in an alleged attack by the wife of megachurch pastor Joel Osteen.

Not reported here previously:

Claudia Hall, a former Continental flight attendant, testified by video deposition she was falsely accused by Brown of hitting and pushing her into the bathroom wall of a plane in November 1995.

That’s probably the most damaging piece to Brown’s case, at least, I rank it higher than 3 passengers seeing no altercation.

It will be interesting to see what the jury does once they finally get the case.

Pondering Pastor


4 responses to “Victoria Osteen Trial – To the Jury

  1. I hope the Osteens sue Brown for defamation of character. This fiasco was ridiculous. Obviously everyone knows she is lying. How can three passengers in first class say they did not see a physical altercation? It is not like first class is the size of the local gym. I believe Victoria asked Brown to clean up the armrest and Brown responded in a negative manner by handed her a napkin. Thank goodness Victoria is a nice christian, I would have probably slapped her. That is Brown’s job to attend…….hence flight attendant…..Everyone is bringing up the religious and racial implications. This is about poor customer service and an extortionist deciding to take advantage of the situation. So what they had first class seats, I have been upgraded several times to first class….the lord never said you couldn’t sit in a nice chair and get a few perks while traveling….Find in the bible where it says you should suffer on a plane with poor customer service……This trial has brought out the best and worst in some christians.

  2. Rolena, where do you find in the Bible that we are to receive excellent cusomer service on a plane? I read the Christian Bible, what do you read?

  3. Snowball, where do you read in the Bible that it’s okay to judge others?

  4. Snowball – you don’t make sense and you are missing the whole point while still judging Victoria – EVEN after the jury has heard the case and made a decision. It is obvious you are biased and passing judgement when you weren’t there. People like you will always hate the Osteens because you’re jealous – even when it has been proven she did NOTHING wrong!

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