The Lure of Clicks

While it might have looked like I was preoccupied with the Victoria Osteen Trial with all the posts and the daily watch of the trial, I’m really not. (I’d post links here, but as you will read, you will see why I don’t.)

Actually, I was lured into continuing coverage by something even more devious.

People were reading my blog.

My first post on the trial was made on the evening of August 6th.  That day, my page reads were 104.  That was on the high end of my average range.  In the month prior to August 6th, readership of my blog ranged from 22 – 130 per day, but usually 60-80.  August 6th was a nice day with views popping above the 100 mark again.

Then, something happened.  August 7th saw 1792 views, and I was hooked.  My previous best day was 313 a year ago.  At one point, my blog was the 4th fastest growing blog on WordPress, and I was the 36th most popular blog (based on views) for the day.  I saw the interest, and decided to continue.  I was rewarded.

  • August 8 – 781 views
  • August 9 – 1057 views
  • August 10 – 485 views
  • August 11 – 1005 views
  • August 12 – 1475 views
  • August 13 – 2733 views (and in the top 100 blogs & top 100 posts on WordPress)
  • August 14 – 2722 views
  • August 15 – 1477 views

The lure of so many clicks!

Writers want to be read.  I want to be read.  But at what price?

I’m done with the Osteens.  So much so, I’ll not even tag this post with their name.

Pondering Pastor


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