Victoria Osteen Trial – Verdict

Two and a half hours

  • equals the time it took the jury to decide that there was not enough evidence to support a charge of assault and injury.
  • equals the amount of time Ms. Osteen delayed the flight on which she caused a fuss over a small liquid spill which started this ball rolling.

Kind of fitting isn’t it?  If only the trial had lasted 2 1/2 hours!

The jury’s foreman, Gilles Labbe, said he and other jurors believed what happened on the plane was not an attack but a disagreement between a passenger and one or more flight attendants.  “This lawsuit in my opinion should not have been filed because nothing happened,” he said.

Joel Osteen had this to say:

“It’s a great vindication and shows us the faithfulness of God.”

I think it’s important to remember that indeed an incident took place.  I’ve read many comments of people who suggest that Ms. Osteen was completely innocent and justified for her behavior.  This jury concluded that she is innocent of the assault.  I believe she is guilty of making some pretty bad decisions and handling the aftermath of those decisions poorly.

We all make mistakes.  We all get ourselves pretty deep in situations where there doesn’t seem any way out.  Our ability to admit our mistakes and make some different decisions is called repentance.

The world was watching whether Ms. Osteen would display repentance or continue to behave badly.

We are still waiting.

Pondering Pastor


11 responses to “Victoria Osteen Trial – Verdict

  1. Well, I think the WHOLE thing is ridiculous!! Like I said Queen Victoria over reacted and this Brown person is way over her head. Come on, what she wanted is just out of this world.. REALLY! And STUPID. But ALL I see is that I do think Queen Victoria did put up a little fuss as being a Diva as she is, and the Flight Attentant took it way overboard.. But again, I live here in Houston and ALL it has done is made the Osteen’s more RICHER!!!…LOL They know what they are doing!! REALLY!!..LOL.. til l8er

  2. Praise God! Praise God! He is so faithful!

    I am so thankful that the jury saw the truth.

    Perhaps a disagreement apparently took place, but again, if I were paying for First Class Seats, I would have a problem with anyone expecting me to also do housekeeping.

    Christians are not perfect – we have all made mistakes and will continue to do so up until the day we are raptured up. I am so thankful that GOD is real and that He has once again, proven His faithfulness to His people and proven that though the enemy attacks – the enemy will not win. GOD never promised that we’d always be comfortable, but that He would always bring us comfort and He would always be with us.

    I will continue to pray for Ms. Brown – she needs it. I know what it’s like, however, to be accused of assault when it didn’t happen. In my case, we didn’t even have “rude” words – just an explanation that the person didn’t like. I was flabbergasted at the charge of assault by contact – totally flabbergasted. However, I too, was vindicated because GOD saw to it that I was – great is His faithfulness.

    Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! He is so faithful! “No weapon formed against a Christian will stand” “No works of the enemy will prosper!” Standing on His promises! Praise God!

  3. Maybe being less judgmental would suit Christians a little better. If an entire jury of 12 secular people found she did not behave in any way that deserved a lawsuit, who are these people who continue to judge her? Or maybe some have forgotten God is the Ultimate Judge. If I’d paid 4 figures for an airline seat, I’d expect it to be clean and dry, too.

  4. The world will be waiting forever to see Victoria Osteen behave like a decent Christian, but maybe some good will come out of the trial. At least she’ll think twice before she slaps a stewardess around again.

  5. I like Joel Osteen…have mixed feelings about Mrs. Osteen, but am very glad she won. Mrs. Osteen was grouchy and she shouldn’t have been. Brown might have been grouchy as well. I don’t believe for a second Osteen pushed her and DO believe Brown was making a play for the money. Don’t care for all this analysis of Osteen’s clothes, church and lifestyle. In my opinion, there is something judgmental and dangerous about engaging in this type of analysis…especially in excess. Isn’t our country about freedom of speech and religion…or have we all forgotten that? I don’t think folks realize how important this case was. How would you like to have a bad moment in public one day and have some money hungry person make up a story about you and collect in court? It might even be easier for her if folks didn’t like your religion or hairstyle? This is scarey. Our lives would be horrid. Not everyone might agree with the Olsteen’s church, etc., but they are helping many people. I agree with Bunnie, being less judgmental would suit Christians a little better…might get more folks in church actually. I applaud this judge for listening to the facts and letting the truth prevail.

  6. Victoria Osteen did not delay the flight. Sharon Brown delayed the flight by overreacting to Victoria Osteen’s request for her to clean a spill. The flight was delayed because Sharon Brown created a “mountain out of a molehill.” Osteen said she was “dumbfounded” bhy Brown’s reaction.

    I had a situtation like this once where I confronted a co-worker about something very minor. She literally fell to pieces… sobbing, others saw her sobbing, she called my boss to tell her that I “yelled” at her… I was shocked and dismayed. Osteen’s case reminded me alot of what I had gone through with this coworker.

    The other day at the grocery store, there were two girls walking somewhat towards me. Since I don’t walk with my eyes to the ground, I casually looked at them like you would anyone walking in front of you or towards you. As I turned the corner behind them, one was grumbling about me and said I “looked” at her… she said, “I saw you look at me” very meanly and angrily and proceeded to curse at me and say some pretty hostile things.

    Many divorcing couples will talk bad about the other, each with their own “version” of the other’s behavior, motives, and heart condition. Well, is someone lying? Not necessarily. But emotions, insecurities, etc. can often cause us to interpret things wrongly.

    Just because someone cries “wolf” and says that someone has done something doesn’t mean it’s true.

    I still don’t believe that Victoria Osteen did anything wrong and I don’t think any one of us can say whether she did or not because mainly, WE WEREN’T THERE and it was never proven that she was actually rude. Also, I don’t know that I could speak for Jesus and say that He would say that requesting a spill to be cleaned would be “sinful.” I highly doubt that Mrs. Osteen said it in a cruel or haughty way. I think she was “dumbfounded” because she asked something very simple and received a very unusual and monsterous response. Unbelieveable that it actually led to a lawsuit!

  7. I also do not understand why you think Victoria needs to repent of anything. Again… how on earth do you know she was rude? Or “groucy” as one person said? There was not an ounce of proof of it… only Sharon Brown and her “friend,” the other stewardess, whose testimony was pretty incredible since it was not the same as the three other witnesses and the pilot’s, said that she was “rude.”

    The “world” is not watching for Mrs. Osteen’s apology or “repentence.” I am part of the “world” and I’m not watching for it because I don’t think she owes any apology for anything. And most of the comments I read by people who are also part of the “world” also don’t think she was guilty of any wrongdoing.

    Mrs. Brown basically slandered Mrs. Osteen and still there are people who still believe alot of what she said, even though they were not eyewitnesses. And I don’t know why you think it’s our job to hold Mrs. Osteen accountable for something like this??

  8. OK!! Annonymous! Why yare YOU hiding behind the Computer?? Must be Religious huh? Afraid “someone” is going to find YOU out!!..LOL And the Queen Victoria case is dropped!! Who care’s anymore!! The Church and the Osteen’s made MONEY on the case either way…LOL REALLY!! I am one of those ppl that still believe what (some) of the stuff Mrs. Brown said is true… NO, I was NOT there thank goodness!! And why can’t we hold Queen Victoria and Mrs. Brown accountable they BOTH started it to began with… So there was a small soiled spot!! Give me a break.. Oh!! That’s right she live’s in a MANSION here in houston…Duh!! Let’s NOT get her dirty!! LOL It’s ALL totally ridiculous and I’m glad the Judge thrown the WHOLE case out.. Cause, Mrs. Brown, come on really!! Now, remember I did NOT say I believed EVERYTHING Mrs. Brown said.. But, I do think Queen Victoria started it.. This is NOT the first run in with Queen Victoria by the way…And yes, we ALL have bad day’s, let’s think ppl and NOT act like Queen Victoria and Mrs. Brown….ROFL!! To STUPID!! til l8er

  9. I think you make a good Osteen possibly being “grouchy.” There is an implication that she may have been grouchy/stern…whatever. It doesn’t really matter. Everyone encounters difficult people on the job some days. It is very hard to say for sure if she really was grouchy or stern. Sometimes, this is just a perception…nothing more. For the sake of argument, if (and only if) Osteen was a little “off,” then she should not have been. I guess one would hope SOMETHING set this woman (Brown) off on a tizzy fit…even if it was something inappropriate. Brown certainly could be oversensitive. Or she could be a scam artist to the extreme and fabricated everything. Again…all hard to say…we can only take our best guess. (Good reason to stop, huh?) I too am glad the judge looked at the evidence and made the decision he did.

  10. Agree with Bunnie!Im glad the Osteen’s WON!

  11. I think people need to stop judging and gossiping. Remember what the bible says about gossip? People who judge and don’t have the actual facts, weren’t actually there, have gossip lips. Shame! Why don’t you sit down and pray and ask God to reveal where YOU have let Him down. And, a pastor, SHAME ON YOU Pondering Pastor, you should know better than to gossip and spread facts you know nothing about!

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