Maybe it is pennance for some sin I’ve committed …

Every so often, I head on over to Westboro Baptist Church’s Blogs to see what they’ve been up to.  It’s like a moth drawn to the flame.  It’s like rubbernecking at the scene of an accident.  Why, it’s maybe like you clicking this link because of the title.  There seems to be some reason we need to see the dirt.  By the time I log off their blogs, I need a shower and a good dose of Gospel.

After the jump, the details.  Run now if you have a weak stomach!

In case you’ve not heard, they protested Barak Obama’s grandmother’s funeral.  She is described as “the monster that raised Beast Obama”.

In their own words:

It was needful for Obama to be elected president.  Only the basest of humanity would lead this cursed nation, and he is definitely the most base.  You don’t care if he’s wise; you don’t care if he’s honest; you don’t care if he’s righteous; you just want an arrogant rock-star to make sure your every little whim is fulfilled and that you can strut around like you’re large and in charge of the whole word.  That’s the president you picked; and he’s going to drop you fools like bad habits as he pursues his quest to be a world leader.  That’s what you deserve!

And later;

Of course you would pick as your president – and your rock star, and your savior, and all the other blather you put forth about him – a bastard like Obama.  This is a man who intends to increase the slaughter of unborn babies; give militant homosexuals the key to the treasury and the ability to march their filth down Main Street and make it illegal for anyone to call it a sin; and blasphemously told this rebellious nation to ignore passages like Romans 1, calling it “obscure.”  Perfect for a doomed cursed people.

And just so you know;

Meanwhile you will look up one day soon and see Obama (the Antichrist Beast) and the pope (the False Prophet) forcing you to bow down to all that is unholy and filthy, and it will be too late!

And, deserving an entire post by itself, but this will have to do:

One more thing:  The black people of this nation are ingrates.  God brought them out of bondage; blessed them; and gave them great opportunity.  (That was after they were taken out of Africa into bondage, because of the dark apostasy of that nation, where the churches established by Paul and the other apostles were first found.  Gospel light shined in Africa; but the people gave themselves the glory and God has made Africa a desolate nation and sent the citizens of that nation into cruel slavery, which eventually made its way to this nation.)  Rather than be thankful, and give God the glory, black americans give themselves the glory.  They pretend like they owe more to Jesse Jackson and Oprah than to God!  Adding insult to injury, they reached down to the bottom of the barrel and scraped up the most arrogant vile human they could find and sent him forth as their leader.  Shame on you black america!  You will receive the recompense that is fitting from the Lord your God.

I’d like to know:

  1. To what does WBC refer when saying that “God brought them out of bondage; blessed them; and gave them great opportunity”?  It seems as though WBC refers to slavery in the U.S. as the event bringing them out of bondage.  (See the parenthetical phrase).  If this is not what they mean, can they mean the Civil Rights Movement?  That brought some advances, but to see the racism continuing today, what is there to be thankful for?  At best, what the Civil Rights Movement brought was an uncomfortable re-drawing of the boundaries.
  2. Is Africa a “nation”?  I thought the recent controversy surrounding Sara Palin cleared this up.  Africa is a continent!  (I know, “nation” is used here in the Biblical sense, indicating “people”.  The trouble is that there is not a unified “people” in Africa either!)
  3. Is the prediction that Obama is the Antichrist true this time?  There have been so many.  In fact, they bump the pope down to a “false prophet”.

I’ve read and seen echoes of WBC beyond their little band of 70.  Remember, they are not alone in their views.  The more often this kind of “preaching” goes unchallenged, the more it becomes part of the normative background noise … and becomes acceptable.  They have wider influence than you think.

Yes, it is the witness of scripture that when God’s people break the covenant, God punishes.  It is also because of our sin, our disobedience that Jesus came.  The prophet Jeremiah describes a time when God will write the covenant on the hearts of the people and they will stray no more.  May that day come soon.

Pondering Pastor


One response to “Disgusting!

  1. Well, basically, Fred Phelps said so, he is a “prophet of God” and therefore everything he says is what God says…my boyfriend and I just watched the documentary film about these people, and try as I might to understand them, I really just don’t get it at all.

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