A trip to the post office

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit the local post office.  It was a busy weekend.  The lines were predictably long.  During the time I was in the post office, there was exactly one employee behind the counter.

Most of those in line had their full attention on the postal employee.  Every motion, decision, and action of that employee was evaluated based on how much longer her actions would cause them to remain in line.  There wasn’t much accomodation or kindness being offered by those in line, all within earshot of the employee.

“It took her 20 minutes to wait on two people!  At that rate, we’ll be here 40 minutes.”  (I think it would have been more accurate to say, “It took her 5 minutes to meet the needs of the last 2 people.”)

“Why would there be only one employee at the counter?”  (Did they realize it was lunch-time?)

Eye rolls were more common than outright critical comments. (Did I mention this was just two days after the holiday we call “Thanksgiving”?)

What I noticed was an employee who gave her full attention to the customer in front of her.  The line was in the background, and she could hear the comments, but her world was the customer, and provided the best care she could.  She was friendly and attentive.  She didn’t deserve the attitudes she received.

I was proud to give her compliments and thanks for her service.  If only the other customers could have seen the role they played in her day … and theirs.

Pondering Pastor


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