“They have no wine.”

As I stepped deeply into John 2:1-11 this week preparing to preach, I was drawn to the words of the mother of Jesus.

“They have no wine.”

“Do whatever he tells you.”

What a great model for prayer!

Too, often, when we pray we dictate the terms of the prayer.  I want you to do this, this way, in this time.  Micro-managing God?  Demonstrating lack of trust in God?  Limiting how God works?  Yes. Yes. Yes.

Mary’s words, if understood as prayer, models laying the need at the feet of Jesus and trusting enough to do whatever he tells us to do.


Pondering Pastor


One response to ““They have no wine.”

  1. God’s conformation for me, because I been going through a little challenge at what God has called me to do, with the challenge comes people and their old tradition ways, I’m working with the youth and your light has to shine all the time or they wont come back to church. Thanks for the word. God bless!!!

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