Bound Conscience: A guide to the upcoming posts

Where have I been the past several months?

I’ve been focused on guiding the congregation I serve through the most difficult challenge of the decisions of the ELCA’s 2009 Churchwide Assembly.  Think that’s related somehow to human sexuality or homosexuality?  Not at all.  The most challenging part of the Churchwide Assembly’s decisions has to do with “respecting the bound conscience of others”.

I’m now just about ready to go live with what I’ve been working on and teaching.  It will come here in installments.  Right now, this is what is planned.

What is Bound Conscience?

Where does the term come from?

Why is reference to Bound Conscience considered by some to be a problem?

What is the Scriptural Basis for “Bound Conscience”?

Doesn’t Scripture argue against Bound Conscience?

How does Martin Luther contribute to our understanding of Bound Conscience?

Bound Conscience as we presently live it.

Challenges from those opposing Bound Conscience

Bound Conscience and the current controversy

On a Personal Note

(I’ll be amending this as I move along, providing links to the appropriate posts.)

Comments are welcome.

Pondering Pastor


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