Bound Conscience: What is it?

In August 2009, the ELCA Churchwide Assembly stated, “that in the implementation of any resolutions on ministry policies, the ELCA commit itself to bear one another’s burdens, love the neighbor, and respect the bound
consciences of all.”

So what is this “bound conscience”?

The definitions I work with are as follow:

Bound Conscience is our willingness to recognize, honor, and respect that Scripture is understood differently by different readers.

Bound Conscience recognizes that people of faith find different aspects of Scripture to be foundational.

Bound Conscience acknowledges that Scripture retains authority for those who draw differing conclusions about what Scripture says.

Each of these are important.  Each will be fleshed out in later posts.

Pondering Pastor

What is Bound Conscience?

Where does the term come from?

Why is reference to Bound Conscience considered by some to be a problem?

What is the Scriptural Basis for “Bound Conscience”?

Doesn’t Scripture argue against Bound Conscience?

How does Martin Luther contribute to our understanding of Bound Conscience?

Bound Conscience as we presently live it.

Challenges from those opposing Bound Conscience

Bound Conscience and the current controversy

On a Personal Note

2 responses to “Bound Conscience: What is it?

  1. KayLyn VanderVeen

    I can hardly believe what you are writing is coming from an ordained Pastor!!! You need to look up “bound” and “conscience” in the dictionary. To have a bound conscience is not to recognize how others view Scripture, but to recognize what Scripture says and believe it. God’s word is the inerrant and God breathed Word. You can talk around all you choose, but in the end, God wins, not the ELCA!

    • ponderingpastor

      I’ll simply point you to the next article I post … having to do with how we already are respecting bound conscience. It will be up in the hour.

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