I’m Pastor Earl Janssen, called to Our Shepherd Lutheran Church, Severna Park, MD.  I am an ELCA pastor in the Delaware-Maryland Synod.


4 responses to “About

  1. Rev. Keith Menter

    Would you like a copy of the audio that you missed, so that you can complete the transcript of one of the most important votes in ELCA history? I happened to be recording it.


  2. Why do you hate the Osteens? Is it because they are not mainline? I’d really like to know …

  3. Oh goodness, Pastor, did you post something criticizing the Osteens? Well, I am even more glad that I decided to follow this blog. I find it interesting how, when someone criticizes the Osteens for their preaching, which is often antithetical to Scriptural Christianity, the accusations of “hating” them immediately begin to fly. It’s a pleasure to be reading a thoughtful Christian blog…

  4. Hello
    I’ve been corresponding and reading for a while now and just thought to add this: Thank you for your openness and honesty. Those are rare qualities nowadays. I pray that you continue to ponder and look at those hard questions that face all Christians.

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