Movie Recommendation

This past weekend, Netflix delivered “God Grew Tired of Us”, a documentary about the “Lost Boys of Sudan” and the story of their integration into U.S. society (New York state & Pennsylvania).  I was riveted.

I met one of the “Lost Boys” a year and a half ago, and was moved by his story.  We were partners in an exercise to get to know one another at a Mission Developer Training session sponsored by the ELCA.  When I saw this documentary on the Netflix list, I had to watch.

The cultural contrast between the Sudan of their childhood and the U.S. of  their adulthood is frankly embarrassing.  The high level of learning necessary to adapt to our culture is astonishing.  I’m sure it would be the same for me to move into the culture from which they came.

My wife was not as impressed.  She had recently read “What is the What” and so most of the themes were more familiar to her.

I’ll recommend either the documentary or the book.  These “Lost Boys” are going to continue to have a significant impact on our culture and the communities in which they live.


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