These days it has been hard to get me here to post some “ponderings”.  Recent events calling on boycotts as a first response to news has me riled up.

You’ve seen the news.  Dan Cathy, The CEO of Chick Fil-A disclosed his objection to marriage between two people of the same gender.  He made the claim that the company is run on Christian values to justify his perspective.  The backlash was immediate.  Many groups have called for a boycott of the business, protests are planned, and counter protests are planned.  Almost every action is directed against another group with the desire to draw attention to one’s own perspective.

What a mess.  This is nonsense.  This is more polarization of our society.  I’ve never seen it so bad.

When did it become true that if we disagreed with someone that instead of talking we protest, demonize, or boycott?  What ever happened to civil discourse?  What ever happened to the hard task of listening to others not to find fault with their perspective but to hear their perspective and learn from it.  Are my opinions so full of ultimate truth that I must make sure that all people agree with me in word and deed?  The arrogance is astonishing.

While I personally disagree with Mr. Cathy’s reading of scripture related to same-gendered marriage, I also disagree with the actions of those who are calling for boycott or banning Chick Fil-A from certain communities.  These actions have further damaged any chance of seeing any change in Mr. Cathy’s stance.  Thanks for making that work harder.

My experience has been that I have more influence in someone’s life and decision-making if I am in relationship with them.  Boycotts and bans damage the possibility of relationship.  Boycotts and bans have their place, but not as the first response, or maybe even the 10th.

Martin Luther explained the 8th Commandment (You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor) this way: “We should fear and love God so that we do not tell lies about our neighbor, betray him, slander him, or hurt his reputation, but defend him, speak well of him, and interpret everything he does in the best possible light.”

15 responses to “Boycott!

  1. Although I am a supporter of gay rights including marriage, I am upset by this call to boycott a business because the owner has different convictions. It reminds me of the Nazi call to not buy from Jews. It just seems so Fascist to me.

  2. Pr. Robert H. Logan

    I am very sorry that we do not have a Chic-fil-a Restaurant in our area.
    I would like to suppoert Mr. Cathy with my encouragement and financial support of his business(es).

    Why would you even consider disagreeing with his interpretation of Holy Scripture, which is very plain on that subject of same-sex marriage.

    Why would you disagree with Mr. Cathy’s interpretation of Holy Scripture on the subject? Thank God that somebody holds to sacred teaching, even if many of current Lutheran clergy do not! That’s the reason the ELCA is withering on the vine, and will in time, surely die.

    Support Mr Cathy

  3. Pr. Robert H. Logan

    I’m boycotting “Pondering Pastor”!

  4. Erick Erickson, CNN commentator, is live on Atlanta’s WSB Ch2ABC/95.5FM-radio Atlanta talking about the political attack against Chick-fil-A, a local brand from the Atlanta area.

  5. Chick-fil-A is a huge supporter of Martha Berry College, an interdenominational Christian institution, they do massive funding into this institution.

    As an Atlanta area resident, I can say there’s no shortage of gay servers or workers at Chick-fil-A, so I see no culture of discrimination in hiring. This employer at face value doesn’t seem to be acting out on any of the comments that were made. I’ve never heard anything negative in the local media either, since living here from 1989 to current…

    • ponderingpastor

      My biggest problem with Chick Fil-A is that it’s chicken is too salty for my taste and I don’t like the Styrofoam cups that take centuries to break down in a landfill.

      • They sell a lot of milk shake products and use the same sized cups for both drinks and shakes. That’s one reason for the foam, to maintain the ice cream shakes and lemon aide. They’re also known for breakfast, so serve a lot of hot coffee, again foam is usually preferred so you don’t burn yourself as easily. Otherwise, I say the foam should go too…

        All the food is salty down here, so I probably haven’t noticed. It’s a southern fried thing… I’m trying to get the family on-board with less salt & gluten-free foods.

      • ponderingpastor

        There is another fast food chain I know that does not use foam, but instead uses paper products for coffee and milkshakes. That is much more environmentally friendly. So I still say the foam should go.

  6. Obama’s Chief of Staff, now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, has publicly blasted Chick-fil-A and has made this a campaign issue that Romney will be drug into. Rahm Emanuel is requesting Chick-fil-A leave the City of Chicago in addition to Boston.,0,7136734.story

    This story conveniently appeared out of Boston, Massachusetts to probably act as a distraction to the Romney campaign. Obama would never allow Rahm to make this sort of opposition comment, unless he’s personally endorsing this as a campaign strategy. This is just the progressive movement solidifying their base of voters and trying to look more pro-gay in the public light; even though Obama campaigned initially to support Bill Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act. But now, everyone else is the hypocrite, not Obama back then, who publicly felt the same way.

    They don’t realize how popular this restaurant is down south; and their ignorance of that will backlash in the “Deep South” where this restaurant is well loved. The Bible Belt has a lot of respect for their honoring the Sabbath too.

    • ponderingpastor

      You give too much power to President Obama. I agree, Rahm Emanuel’s stance is part of what I’m calling out here.

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