“Nationalist Movement” Reprise

On January 21st I observed that the racist “Nationalist Movement” was in Jena, Louisiana to protest.

Later in the week, I received a comment that contained a press release from the “Nationalist Movement” about the illegal restrictions that had been placed on the Nationalist Movement demonstrators.  In their own words from the opening paragraph of the press release:

Nationalists say that they are “outraged” and have “shifted into action” following imposition of a ban on firearms by LaSalle Parish Sheriff Carl Smith and Town of Jena law-enforcers at Jena Justice Day. David DuPre and his son, David, Jr., had brought their personal rifle, shotgun and two sidearms, in support of the No to Jena Six, No to MLK protest. The Nationalist Movement had secured a federal court-order against Jena, pursuant to which officials withdrew a hastily-imposed firearms’ ban, which the court held to be “unconstitutional” and “unenforceable.” Under Louisiana court-rulings, the right to keep and bear arms is “absolute,” except for limited regulations on concealed-weapons. Nationalists said that although they usually defend only their own members, which the Dupres were not, the issue was “exceptionally important.”

Now, I don’t know the person who sent me the press release, or just what their message was to me, but if that individual in any way believed that a favorable impression would be garnered from the article, they were wrong.

There is something deep within me that says that if people want to come armed to some public gathering and demonstration (where confrontation because of the message is expected), those are the people I don’t want armed.  A racist group like Nationalist Movement carrying weapons?  I don’t like it one bit.  I know, second amendment and all … and look at where it has got us.  Looking at their website, it looks like I’ll be labeled a “communist”.  So be it. (By the way, if you go looking for the website, your IP address will be identified and logged.)  These are paranoid people!

Nationalist Movement

From their website:

You go, Southern boys! I was really glad to see some white people standing up for one of our own.

And from an interview published on their website: (Barrett is the Nationalist Movement spokesperson)

Barrett: Well, it’s like when we had a King. It amounts to a tyranny. He had his lords, his earls and his royalty, but they weren’t the majority, they were just a little clique. When you have ten-percent of the country, trying to rule over America, just like in Russia, you had ten-percent, which was Communist, trying to rule over the rest. It didn’t work. It was a tyranny. So, I will say, as eloquently as I can, “Freedom and justice, yes. Tyranny and oppression, no.”

      Daniels: So, just because someone has a different complexion, it implies chaos?

      Barrett: If you look at the cities, look at Jackson, law and order has completely broken down. When it was segregated, even the colored folks were happy and free and prosperous, but, now, it’s the worst slum, it’s the car-jack and murder capital of the country. And, I am not ashamed to say, “We can get it back.”

      Daniels: Do you mean Detroit, Chicago, New York and Savannah, too?

      Barrett: Yes, so let’s talk about what America will be like, if we succeed in Jena. First of all, are going to have people obey the law. They’re going to have to say, “We’re thankful to live in America and we’re going to obey the law.” Secondly, you’re going to have people work. We’re going to be promoting the work-ethic. “If you don’t work, neither should you eat.”

      Daniels: You are looking to have a segregated Jena, is that what you are trying to do?

      Barrett: We are a pro-majority organization, which means that what we want is freedom. You have your school and we have ours. You can speak your Ebonics, if you want. You can listen to Luther Vandross, but we’re going to listen to Chet Atkins and Loretta Lynn. You can have your churches, but we have ours. That’s freedom. That’s Americanism. And, nobody can force you to buy or sell, under some so-called civil-rights bill. They can’t force you to have affirmative-action, to force you to hire who you don’t want to. That’s Americanism.

      Daniels: But, you have three-hundred-fifty African-American population there in Jena. They go to school there, the Jena High School.

      Barrett: We can erase that. The whole Earl-Warren edict of 1954, which we’ve had for fifty years. It’s failed. It’s been a betrayal of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, who said, “Let freedom ring,” so, yes, I’d like to wipe it all out so that we can start all over again, so you may have your schools, your churches, your homes and your neighborhoods and we have ours.

      Daniels: You think that Jena will go back to a segregated school system?

      Barrett: It’s not going to go back, it’s going to go forward. We had Prohibition one time. It didn’t work and, then, we got rid of it. You notice one of the tactics used by the Mayor, which I saw over in Vietnam. The Viet Cong would take over a village and, then, they’d say, “Oh, well, let’s have peace” after they’d take it over. What they are trying to say is, “We’ve got the schools, we’ve got affirmative-action, we’ve got civil-rights bills, so we don’t need your march. We’ve done it all.” Well, in 1896, they were going to close the patent-office, because they said that there was nothing new to invent. They didn’t even have aspirin. Well, there are a lot of new things coming about in this country. You’re going to hear new words. You’re going to hear about “Nationalists.” Up until now, you’ve heard of the NAACP, the Black-Panthers, the Rainbow-Coalition. You’ve never even heard the name of The Nationalist Movement. Well, now, there are going to be new faces in the streets, so that people have a choice. “Do you want the Jena Six or do you want the Nationalists? I think it’s going to be a great choice for America.

If he were asking me … I don’t want the Nationalists.

Pondering Pastor


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